Here for gazebos


No sketch today on account of some Ontario election responsibilities. In lieu, here is the Prime Minister’s answer this afternoon to the question, in regards to Tony Clement, “Does the Prime Minister realize that the minister has lost all credibility?”

Mr. Speaker, if this is a reference to the G8 funding, I think this has been looked at thoroughly by the Auditor General. The government has accepted those recommendations. There were 32 projects. They were all public. They all came in at or under budget, and they are all good projects for the area.


Here for gazebos

  1. For his credibility, Harper should at least,  take Clement off Treasury.

  2. Would someone… anyone…. please explain how this is an acceptable level of “accountability?”

     I was promised a new era of accountability. This…. is….it? 
    This is just the same old circus coloured blue instead of red.

  3. Shorter Harper:

    ‘When we spent money without Parliamentary authorization, the projects funded were on time and on budget and met our undisclosed criteria (hint: pork to help re-elect Tony).’

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