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He’s back


Omar Khadr arrived in Canada this morning at 7:40am and has been transferred to Millhaven maximum security prison in Bath, Ontario.

Here is the official explanation from Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

And here is the statement Mr. Toews delivered to reporters this morning.

Good morning. I will be making a short statement.

Early this morning, convicted terrorist Omar Khadr was transferred to Canadian authorities at CFB Trenton.

This was done pursuant to a decision I made earlier this week.

He arrived at 07:40 ET aboard a U.S. Government aircraft travelling from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He has been transferred from CFB Trenton to Millhaven maximum security prison at Bath, Ontario.

Omar Khadr is a known supporter of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network and a convicted terrorist.

He pleaded guilty to the murder of Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer, an American Army medic, who was mortally wounded in a firefight in Afghanistan on July 27, 2002 and died on August 6, 2002.

Omar Khadr also pleaded guilty to:
• Providing material support for terrorism;
• Attempted murder in violation of the law of war;
• Conspiracy and spying

Omar Khadr was born in Canada and is a Canadian citizen. As a Canadian citizen, he has a right to enter Canada after the completion of his sentence.

This transfer occurs following a process initiated by the United States Government and determined in accordance with Canadian law.

The remainder of his prison sentence will be administered by the Correctional Service of Canada.

I am satisfied the Correctional Service of Canada can administer Omar Khadr’s sentence in a manner which recognizes the serious nature of the crimes that he has committed and ensure the safety of Canadians is protected during incarceration.

Any decisions related to his future will be determined by the independent Parole Board of Canada in accordance with Canadian law.

Thank you.

The official announcement from the U.S. Defence Department is here.


He’s back

  1. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews writes, as quoted by Mr. Wherry,

    “…….if parole is granted…..”

    Even the wonderful reprobate Paul Bernardo can expect to be paroled eventually, are Mr. Khadr’s crimes more heinous?
    Yes they are!
    It has been determined, by minds better than mine, that he has also committed, and is no doubt still committing, thought crimes.

    • still committing, thought crimes

      And let us not forget unreported thought crimes.

      • Or unreported unthought thought crimes.

        • I was pulled over for allegedly committing a thought crime in the States once. My Lawyer got me off on a technicality – as a Canadian, I am incapable of thinking and therefore the law does not apply to me.

  2. Toews will soon be history. Khadr has his life ahead of him.

    I sincerely hope future leaders make this shameful episode in our history, right.

    Or as right as it can ever be, given what’s happened to him.

    • +1 Toews is a disgrace.

      I think maybe Toews got a friendly phone call from someone state-side advising him to stop being so fuckin’ stupid. I’m sure Toews has administrative aids that can help him understand how this is not helping in the US election.

      • That he is!

        I’m just surprised the Americans didn’t load him on a plane long ago, and call Harp/Toews about it when Khadr was circling Ottawa.

        • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I was beginning to think that the Americans were going to have to resort to sending in Seal Team Six to forcibly reinsert Khadr into Canada.

      • Because the minister of public safety should always be considering US politics when making decisions about Canada’s safety…?

        • It’s strange to see this framed by Diogenes as an “election” issue, since pretty much NO ONE in the U.S. wanted to keep Khadr in Gitmo, or anywhere else controlled by the Americans. They’ve been trying to wash their hands of the whole sorry affair for some time. To me, the issue isn’t about considering American politics per se, it’s about considering our relations with our #1 ally in the world.

          As for Canadian safety, I fail to see how forcing the Americans to keep Khadr locked up in Gitmo (against their wishes) to spend all of his time surrounded by radical Islamists, only to be released after his sentence to return to Canada with NO LIMITATIONS ON HIS FREEDOM WHATSOEVER makes us safer. If you think he’s a threat, isn’t it much better to have him flown in on a secure flight, spend some time in Canadian prison at least ATTEMPTING to rehabilitate him, and then let him out when the time comes under the watchful eyes of Canadian authorities? How would it have been better for our safety for him to have spent 6 more years in Cuba, surrounded by crazies, and then have him return quietly and anonymously on some commercial flight with no legal means whatsoever of accounting for his post-incarceration activities and movements???

    • Toews won’t be history if this lunatic government makes him a judge

      • No, he’ll be out of govt….but I suppose it’s up to Manitobans if they want a judge who married his kids babysitter.

        • Toews fathered a child with his kids’ babysitter. He didn’t actually marry her afterwards (though I believe they’re living together in a common law marriage now).

      • Since I don’t live in Manitoba, and it’ll get him out of cabinet, I can’t WAIT for them to make Toews a judge!!!

  3. “Omar Khadr arrived in Canada this morning …. ”

    Khadr should have died on battlefield years ago but yet here he is, a convicted terrorist miraculously allowed to live and become dependent on me and my labours. Hurrah!


    So karma, karma’s a Sanskrit word, for, literally for work, or fruit. That is, if you do some work, you should get the fruit of it. If I help you, I will eventually get the fruit of it. Even if you don’t help me, something will happen. It’s just a law of the universe. So, Hindus traditionally believed it’s, that the universe will balance itself, right itself. It’s like gravity. If I am lazy, good-for-nothing lying scoundrel, the universe will right that and I will suffer. But then along comes liberal do-gooders and the federal government to bail them out.

    So I think the conservative view, for social conservatives this is, is that basically liberals are trying to revoke the law of karma. Almost as though, imagine somebody trying to revoke the law of gravity, and everything’s going to float away into chaos.


    • Hmmm you’re anti-abortion, but child soldiers are fair game I see.

      • Everyone in our society seems to agree that human beings should be killed, they just disagree on the when and the why. Which is depressing.

        • Dearest Yanni,
          Your prose is rather opaque. Which of the two declaratives in your statement is causing you to be depressed?
          The agreement that human beings should be killed or the disagreement over the when and the why of this killing?

          • The agreement that human beings should be killed.

          • Celine Dion notwithstanding, the one human being who should be killed is your namesake, Γιάννης Χρυσομάλλης, for foisting his insipidly discordant caterwauling on the rest of humanity lo these many years.

          • Yep, everyone.

        • Bible is full of killing….God is a genocidal maniac in fact….that’s where we get it from.

    • “……..If I am lazy, good-for-nothing lying scoundrel, the universe will right that and I will suffer…….”

      If, and only if, you are a member of the 99%, which I suspect you are, will you ‘suffer’.
      Instant Karma’s gonna get you!
      You should up-date your knowledge concerning the ‘Law of Gravity’. Your metaphor only works with the Newtonian conception of Gravity and this was proved incorrect almost 100 years ago.

    • Social darwinism masking as deep eastern philosophy. You should be citing Herbert Spencer, instead of ancient Hindu religion, to support your quaint worldview. At least he’s more recent (19th century).

    • Until Canadian soldiers are permitted to murder in cold blood injured opponents no longer able to fight them, this situation will remain.

      As it should.

  4. I’m surprised by of some the comments when Al-Qaeda is one of the main reasons our Canadian forces are in Afghanistan peacekeeping, heartbreakingly many never to return to Canada alive. Omar Khadr was in Afghanistan for what purpose? Khadr’s father, Ahmed Said Khadr, an Egyptian-born Canadian, was considered an influential member of al-Qaeda. Omar Khadr is a known supporter of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network and a convicted terrorist. Read the family biography. Canada always seems to be a safe haven for anyone that is in a terrible situation and most of us are always ready to blame the government when they are not there to immediately help save these people who realize they can fall back on their Canadian citizenship for help. Hopefully, Omar Khadr is who he says he is and once he is released from prison has a second chance at being a real Canadian citizen.

    • “………Al-Qaeda is one of the main reasons our Canadian forces are in Afghanistan peacekeeping……..”

      Our Leaders tell us the Canadian Forces now in Afghanistan are ‘Training’ – not peacekeeping. Prior to that assignment, the Canadian Forces were in Afghanistan since late 2001 ‘Fighting and Killing’ – not peacekeeping.
      Peacekeeping on the part of the Canadian Forces has NEVER taken place in Afghanistan.
      We’re such meanies now!

  5. Someone’s got to be the first to write it, so I’ll do it.

    Welcome back Khadr.

    (I mean, come on, that one was right down the middle of the plate, lol).

    • You beat me to it, so let me add a slight change: Welcome home Omar.

      • I don’t get it.

        (That said, I now fear that I’m showing my age with my little joke. I guess a lot of people didn’t get the reference!).

  6. Well, I was wrong.

    I was sure the Americans were going to end up having to send in Seal Team Six to forcibly reinsert Khadr into Canada.

  7. I wonder if he’ll be paroled in time to run for the NDP in the next federal election.