He’s new here


Peter Penashue explains the trouble with his campaign expenses.

“Look, last year was my first election. I worked with an official agent, that was his first [and] all of this happened within four weeks, and I recognize that we need to clarify some issues,” Penashue said.


He’s new here

  1. Yes, like why the hell the CPC party apparatus doesn’t give you guys any information on how to handle your campaign expenses.. or at least, on how to handle them legitimately.

  2. Ignorantia juris non excusat

  3. As if Party Central would let newbies run a campaign.

  4. Hasn’t that er rookie official agent already gone on to bigger and er better things?

    • He could be a senator by now if he’d just kept his fool mouth shut.

  5. So what qualifies him to be a cabinet minister if he can’t manage his own election reporting?

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