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Hey look: A homegrown brain gain


From our university rankings issue, the hands-down winner for least-commented article: my column describes the excellent work the University of Victoria is doing to attract Aboriginal students and ensure their success.

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Hey look: A homegrown brain gain

  1. das good. Being first gen through uni is a big deal.
    Maybe you can tie it in with FNU in Saskatchewan , if you want to generate some controversy/ comments.

  2. Maybe this is the least-commented article because folks instead read the Gary Mason article in the GandM on the same topic: http://bit.ly/aYxgJ5 … Just sayin'…

  3. Chicken and egg. Given the lead time, I suspect Mason came later.

  4. It was the least-commented article because nobody disagreed with you, and just writing "I agree!" gets you thumbed down.

    Or at least go with that until proven otherwise.

  5. I agree!

  6. Imagine the dearth of comments if you'd written about a jazz program for Aboriginal students…:)

  7. This is excellent; I'm glad UVic is having success with the program.

  8. Not to shift focus away from this article, which is great…. but I'd like to speak up on behalf of the Paul Wells Fan Club and say that I'd really, really, really like to see some articles/blog posts on Paul's view of politics these days.

    Sure, I can read the Ottawa Notebook ninnies, the Delacourt diatribes and the Weston whines, but they don't cut it. There is a real lack of non-partisan analysis of political strategy in print this fall, and the only person with the brains to fill that vacuum is Paul.

    So, I emplore you Paul – get back into the game.