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Hey look: a story as long as the campaign it describes


Maclean’s is running my very long history of the 2011 election (with reporting from John, Aaron, Marty and many others) in serial  instalments. The first parts are online now.

It’ll take until Monday to post the whole thing. But tomorrow, when the story starts appearing on newsstands, it will come attached to the rest of the magazine, which this week includes our coverage of the Royal Wedding and the death of Osama bin Laden. It never rains news but it pours.

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Hey look: a story as long as the campaign it describes

  1. Sounds like an issue to buy.

  2. Should be an interesting read.

    This is one election that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

  3. Lucky me, I've got a couple of long flights this weekend. I'll be picking this up at the newsstand tomorrow, as it looks like fascinating reading.

  4. I'm looking forward to borrowing it from my local library…ouch…ouch…sorry but i have a kid and a boat a house and two cars and 2 cats and two dogs to support and a wife to support me…it's tough.

    look forward to it. Promise to buy a copy.

    • If you have Rogers cable, get it through them because the discount is quite impressive.

  5. I'll be checking my mailbox!

  6. I will buy a copy (and if the editors are willing to come right out and make it clear that Steyn no longer writes for the magazine, I will make good on my promise to renew my old subscription. I know he hasn't appeared in forever, but I fear if I plunk my $ down he will come right back!)

    • Yeah! No alternative viewpoints allowed!

  7. I was going to post this earlier, but forgot.

    If you don't want to watch the whole thing, at least watch beginning at 6'.

    He hardly sounds absurd here. Though he's probably said an absurd thing every now and then, I don't doubt it. You still sound closed minded.

    "The trouble with discussing cultural relativism with cultural relativists is like playing tennis with someone who says your ace is just a social construct."

  8. Mental candy for the political junkies – but you're a good story teller. Which pleases many.

  9. Terrific first read, looking forward to other sections over next few days. I always enjoy yours, and others, efforts to put this together Wells. Cut and thrust of politics is one of my fav topics to read about.

    So many objections and protest came to mind while reading first section today but I will keep my comments to I find it odd how Iggy's brain trust are making it seem like their guy was chauncey gardiner character when it comes to leadership. Iggy didn't have to run for leadership first time out, one year after Martin quit, That was Iggy's choice. Neither did Iggy have to start coup, dump Dion and then install himself as Lib leader without convention. That was also Iggy's choice.

    By hook or crook, Iggy made it clear that he was going to become Lib leader. And Iggy learned the other day that payback is a beyotch.