Hey look: Election speculation, 2020 edition


From the magazine, my latest column proposes Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau as the future of Canadian politics.


Hey look: Election speculation, 2020 edition

  1. If Kenney v Trudeau is our future, we might as well all just quit right now.

  2. Actually this is an interesting premise – think about it – what we have happening right now is we have Iggy as a placeholder at best however more than likely a speedbump in the future of the party as in the backroom the Chretienites and the Martinites are still duking it out in secret – then we have harper who is probably good for a few more years then sooner or later grooming a replacement – and the NDP … lots of implications here depending upon whether or not we go to the polls now or later – you can see the twinkle in Mulcairs eyes no doubt about it – canadian poltics is rife with strange outcomes I have seen so many since Diefenbacher that anyone who rules out the strangest outcomes is ALWAYS disappointed –

  3. I hope this means OriginalEmily1 will be stepping up and announcing your candidacy? You always have such good ideas, and never come across as a smug know-it-all. You're the breath of fresh air we've all been waiting for.

    I wish you good luck.

  4. I've been elected to office twice, accomplished what I wanted to and then left. So I've done my bit for public service.

    It's someone else's turn. I'd just like to see some people who can function in this century, not the last one.

  5. If you could spell Mr. Diefenbaker's name correctly your credibiliy – such as it is – would perhaps have remained intact.

  6. credibiliy ?

    Inevitable that a typo would show up there.

  7. have you ever heard of cataracts and carpal tunnel and my typos are nowhere near your ignorance

  8. This is the ever-present danger of being a grammar Nazi.

  9. However, I have loaded, the Canadian English dictionary into Firefox on this laptop so any further misspellings are entirely mine own responsibility. HELLO BEV ODA!

  10. have you ever heard of cataracts and carpal tunnel . . .


    Though, I suspect those afflictions may be the least of your problems.

  11. What's that second comma for? OH YES I WENT THERE

  12. Second comma; a mistake. Nonetheless . . . .

  13. Just razzin' you, Cap'n.

  14. >>Trudeau gamely defended himself for a while (“What if the guide were to call honour killers assholes? We could all agree, but would you want to see that in our guide?”) before finally apologizing <<

    A great deal of this played out on Twitter this past Tuesday morning. The part I've quoted from Paul's column is a Tweet that Mr. Trudeau directed to me. Here's the bits from Twitter:

    justinpjtrudeau Justin Trudeau, MP
    My problem with the use of the word barbaric is that it was chosen to reassure Canadians rather than actually change unacceptable behaviours

    To which I Tweeted:
    @justinpjtrudeau Honor killings aren't behaviors. they're murder.#hw

    To which he Tweeted:

    @saskatoonauthor What if the guide were to call honour killers assholes? We could all agree, but would you want to see that in our guide?

    To which I Tweeted:

    @justinpjtrudeau Most Canadians view murderers as something like 200 miles past being an asshole. Murder is barbaric last time I looked

    I like Justin Trudeau, but he blew it big time on this one. Interestingly, he hasn't Tweeted since March 15th.

  15. The floggings will continue until morale improves.

    I have received those memos, and more's the pity, I have signed off on them.

  16. 2020? Nonsense! Someone will fold, given the sorry state of Canadian politics and its unprincipled practitioners in the the third decade of the 21st century. Only a naïf would think they might hold fast to their professed beliefs and trigger an election in 2020. Mark my words, Leslie will fold in return for some meagre, largely symbolic, morsels to wave in front of the NDP base. Team 2021! Don't doubt it for a second.

  17. Imust be cafeine deprived. Wayne's posted an opinion i can thumb up. Downside is he'll probably go over to the next blog and inform us all the liberal party is dead and moribund, Stevie boy and and Jack are destined to rule the galaxy for ever and ever amen – without dissonace

  18. Still semantics; but he did pick the wrong time to fight such a battle. I like him too. His tweets at least show he's got some spirit in him.;he'll learn.

  19. Persuasive.

  20. MacDonald High class of '73 thanks your for your efforts as student council president.

  21. Is there some reason you're too slow to know the difference between high school and elected public office?

  22. If the future of Canadian politics consists in Kenney and Trudeau Jr., you might as well start selling used cars, Wells, because people will officially not give a crap anymore about your cherished speciality.

  23. good point. So, is there going to be 2011election?

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