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Hey look: Maybe it’s just a bunch of stuff that happened


From the magazine, the last chapter of our election saga (SPOILER: Conservatives win). This installment features more analysis from me than do the earlier segments; it’s an attempt to draw conclusions and make predictions, written on the day after the election.

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Hey look: Maybe it’s just a bunch of stuff that happened

  1. I got the magazine and I keep re-reading it hoping this time Harper ends up with just a minority.

    • I don't think this is one of those "Choose-your-own-adventure" books… :)

    • If you re-read it enough times, you might pick up a few pointers for the next time, but don't be surprised if the results next time are the same…

  2. Anti-spoiler…You don't say!

  3. Paul – why'd ya go and tell me who won? I was waiting for my Maclean's to come in the mail to find out. :)

  4. "But then conservatism is sometimes associated, even by conservatives themselves, with pessimism: it holds that human nature is not perfectible on this Earth, and that it rarely does any good to sit around hoping for the best."

    You would say this and I will disagree, of course. Human beings aren't perfectible, it is not pessimism, it is wide-eyed realism. If anyone has problem with people, it is liberals. Liberals want to control us because we misbehave, they are nanny party. Cons may have gloomy idea of people but we want to leave people alone. Libs say they like people while continually enlarging State to control us.

    Harper's communication strategy doesn't seem particularly conservative to me. Reform Partry, Mike Harris, R Klein, that seems conservative to me and they liked speech, debate. No surprises, proud of conservatism. Harper command and control from centre is continuation of what Trudeau started, who was a socialist.

    "We interviewed key members of every leader's campaign staff, often on the understanding that nothing we were told would be revealed until after Canadians had voted."

    This is third or fourth of these I have read of yours, Wells, and this was best one. Terrific. Don't know if it's memory playing tricks but this campaign account seemed to have more insidery info, gossip and analysis than past ones. I really enjoyed it, thank you.

    • I think it is important that you at least remember conservatives want to control a woman’s right to choose, and control everyone’s right to injest their choice of drug, just 2 examples of conservative control.

      • That’d be social conservatives. That’s a rather important distinction. Lots of economic and libertarian conservatives and red tories couldn’t care less about those issues. William F. Buckley, after all, supported legalization of recreational drugs.

      • You have to recognize that the reason they want to “control a woman’s right to choose” is because they believe it infringes on the rights of another human being. I’m pretty sure I don’t think that conception is when that “being” and his/her rights begin but I know I believe it isn’t related to having been born just yet or not either.

        You’re right about drugs though. One of the few worst things about Harper has been the attempt to control the drug policies of B.C., and it is a contradiction for a lot of conservatives. The one argument that could be made is that drug addiction removes a person’s ability to make choices – I could buy that for hard drugs at least.

      • Conservatism isn’t libertarianism. Big difference.