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New Wells column.


Hey, look

  1. I am at a loss.

    I am at a loss to figure out if all of this is part of a carefully constructed master plan or if stimulus spending was decided via a dart board.

    The best I can figure is that when in it comes time to turn that deficit-frown upside down, the Government of the day will choose spending cuts (above and beyond the stimulus spending) rather than tax increases to get us back in the black, thus entrenching lower taxes and less government spending.

    I usually give politicians the benefit of the doubt, both in terms of their own competence, and certainly that they have the best intentions…..but after seeing this budget, I really don’t believe either about Prime Minister Harper.

    I had always hoped (and believed) I would never become cynical about politics in Canada, that despite the partisan bickering and grandstanding and all the BS that comes in politics, wisdom would rule the day.

    I hope now, that my cynicism is only temporary.

  2. Hey Wells, any post-budget thoughts on research funding? As a scientific researcher myself, should I hang tight or hop the next boxcar for the States?

  3. So, that’s a yes for the boxcar, then.

  4. Paul, can you enlighten me? Is it possible for the budget to be ‘fixed’ in committee? Is it carved in stone once the opposition has voted confidence or something? And what happened to being read three times, can the budget be voted down at reading two or three?

    Are we honestly stuck with this mess?