Hey Peter. Yeah, actually a seat just opened up over here. - Macleans.ca

Hey Peter. Yeah, actually a seat just opened up over here.

Peter Goldring rejoins the Conservative caucus


In light of a not guilty verdict, the Prime Minister has welcomed Peter Goldring back into the Conservative caucus.

“I am pleased that Mr. Goldring’s personal matter has been resolved. I spoke to Mr. Goldring this evening and was happy to welcome him back to the Conservative Caucus. I look forward to once again working with Peter as our Government continues to strengthen the economy and protect Canadian families.”


Hey Peter. Yeah, actually a seat just opened up over here.

  1. Mr. Goldring has the right attitude for Harper. He feels himself above the law.

    • He didn’t mean to refuse a breathalyzer test….he just locked his vehicle door

      • And couldn’t figure out how to unlock it. A trained seal should be able to unlock a car door.

        • LOL coulda been too drunk to remember? No wait…that won’t work as an excuse!

  2. Canada need ‘not guilty and don’t do it again’ verdict like they have in Scotland.

    Drunk drivers are not popular people in Canada, I am actually surprised Goldring is allowed back in caucus to help ‘protect’ Canadian families. Pols are shameless – I would like to hear an explanation from our dopey twat of a PM on how letting off a drunk driver on a technicality is going to protect children.

    wiki – Under Scots law, a criminal trial may end in one of three verdicts: one of conviction (“guilty”) and two of acquittal (“not proven” and “not guilty”).

  3. From the court transcript:
    “The officer said Goldring refused to answer questions and sat behind the locked door of his vehicle and stared straight ahead.”

    Pretty much a backbench job description.

  4. Well it is good to see the PM loosening up and letting some hard-core partiers back into the mix. I bet he misses having Jaffer around now when he needs a quick fix. If memory serves Harper’s embracement of altered states started with that fishing trip last summer. Perhaps we can expect to see the PM at some big pigfests in Etobi-coke this summer after all!