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‘Highly discriminatory’


Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro imparts his feelings on the Ontario election campaign.

More than that, however, Mr. Del Mastro says it harkens back to the early 1990s when Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae was Ontario’s NDP premier. He brought in employment equity legislation to encourage the hiring of women and visible minorities. “My opportunities were severely restricted by legislation that was supposed to be creating equality,” Mr. Del Mastro said. “I was in my early 20s and thought how dare they create an entirely discriminatory policy that was going to affect my future.”

As a “young white male” at the time, Mr. Del Mastro said jobs were few and far between as a result. “And here we go again,” he said.

The issue in question—considered here by the Globe—is an Ontario Liberal proposal to create a tax credit for businesses that hire immigrants for jobs in professions such as “accounting, law, engineering and architecture.”


‘Highly discriminatory’

    • LOL, That second post from Scott is HILARIOUS.  So, apparently, tax credits for employers who hire new immigrants are only a problem if they’re not introduced BY TIM HUDAK!  LOL

      • Now, now, let’s be fair. It’s entirely possible that once Mr. Del Maestro hears of Mr. Hudak’s bill he will be equally…mmph.. appalled..phehe at the discrim..mmmpph..discrimin…teheh…discriminatory nat…bwAAHHAHAHAHAAHAhahoo..hoo..hooooo…whew..

        Sorry.. couldn’t do it.  Just couldn’t keep serious and write that..

  1. “To sum up: As a young white male in North America, life was very hard.  Why are you all laughing at me?”

    • Well said. I think he sums up the way so many conservatives feel these days- as victims. Sure we control 99% of the wealth, all of Bay Street, the Supreme Court, both houses of Parliament, 95% of the media, but but but no I’m sorry I need to shut down your library. But look! Here’s a pretty ferris wheel! Oh oh, and look- here’s nice new uniforms for our servicemen and women- ooooh look, they now say ‘Royal’!!

      Conservatives, and all of us for that matter, had best be remembering the lessons FDR taught us. 

  2. You mean there was no job for him at Mom’s car dealership?

    • Excellent.  I guess I have to get up earlier in the morning to make this joke.  Rats.

      • Remember Dave is from Peterborough originally, He gets Dean del Mastro alerts.

    • That makes it so much better.  “Even my Mom wouldn’t hire me, thanks to Bob Rae.”


  3. As an older white male, I certainly don’t like being on the losing end of such policies, BUT I can see some obvious benefits to society at large IF this is a targeted and temporary situation. The benefits of an egalitarian society should not be under estimated, so as a means of balancing an unbalanced situation it may be regarded as a jump start for under represented portions of society, but one in which the policies MUST slowly taper off as a balance is found. That hasn’t always been the case in all instances, and if abused, becomes a source of reverse discimination.

  4. Yeah I thought the Del Mastro’s all worked in their family car dealership? And seriously Dean, it doesn’t look like it held you back, you’re a Member of Parliament. Silly. Dean’s staff need to talk to him about not having to be entered in every fight. Someone made a bad call here.

  5. Poor Dean! Forced into prostitution because of a lack of opportunity.

  6. Nothing beats some good old-fashioned legalized discrimination.
    What’s better then punishing someone for having the audacity to be born in Canada? Shame on them!
    People need to realize that hiring Canadians is wrong! We need to put a stop to this vile, evil, Harper led tragedy right away!


    • Stephen Harper is hiring?

      • He did increase his seat count, I’m sure if you’re looking he might have some positions available.

        Plus, lucky for you, he probably still hires white Canadain dudes.

        • Thank heavens, because by God, um, no one else is…er…..hmmm……

    • They have to have been in Canada for 5 years….by which time they ARE Canadians.

      • uh… no.

        It’s a program for those who have been here “up to five years.”

        I love how the Liberals throw out some vaugue half-assed notion and all the people fill in the details with their prejudices.

        • So, they’re Canadian….what IS your problem?

          • My amusement is at your dedication to a program that you clearly have misunderstood. You are the target audience for this kind of craptacular political pandering.  

        • You’d never catch the Cons doing that, would you? 

  7. “The issue in question—considered here by the Globe—is an Ontario Liberal proposal to create a tax credit for businesses that hire immigrants…”

    Not immigrants – foreign workers. Tim Hudak told me so.

  8. As one of Doug’s links above points out, if Del Mastro is trying to help Hudak by attacking the Liberal proposal for a tax credit to encourage businesses to hire new immigrants he probably should have checked with Hudak first, where he presumably would have found out that TIM HUDAK recently put forward a bill which included a proposed tax credit to encourage businesses to hire new immigrants.