Hockey and beer


Jack Layton and Thomas Mulcair research upcoming hockey book at Thursday night’s Habs game.



Hockey and beer

  1. The paparazzi feeling of this makes me sad.


  2. Or “two guys who would ban bodychecking, fighting, and keeping score if they could”. Who still watches hockey anyway? I stopped when Cassie Campbell started doing commentary. Her voice, physically, it harms my ears, and I find her lacking in personality.

    Didn’t you hear? Georges St. Pierre was overwhelmingly voted Canadian male athlete of the year by Sportsnet.ca. It was an internet vote but that’s kind of the point, the internet generation doesn’t watch hockey anymore, we watch MMA.

    NHL players buying carbon credits. OHL player suspended for 5 games for calling his buddy and former roommate a “fag”. Criminal charges for dropping the gloves. I believe the end game is forcing all NHL teams to have at least 2 women on the ice at all times, sort of like ultimate fris-bee.

    • Canadian conservatives…. sadly still scared of girls since before 1854.

      • Heh

        • Huh??

          • Heh = small chuckle at mildly humourus comment from Seaandthemountains.

    • I’m proudly part of this so-called Internet generation, being born in the 1980’s and all and I most certainly still watch hockey – on TV at that. And many of my guy friends also watch on TV on top of watching the occasional fight at the local pub.

      Also, that picture is creepy.

      • Well the plural of anecdote is of course data. I used to think that correlation and causation were the same, then I took a Canadian university statistics course and now I know better. Did the course help? I can never be sure.

  3. Does Layton look principled and Stoic at all times? Here he looks like he’s saying to himself, “It’s OK if Kovalev doesn’t score, we shall fight on. We shall fight on the blue line, we shall fight in our own zone, we shall fight in the creases; we shall never surrender.”

    • Actually he looks like a Leafs fan.

      • Aha! Sisyphus, I think you have explained Layton’s mentality better than anyone.

        • Ahhhh. There’s always Draft Day.

        • So true.

      • Every year the Leafs don’t make the playoffs, but their fans hold the balance of power .

        • Maybe a coalition would give them enough points to make the playoffs.

  4. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry and George are sitting at a restaurant table across from a deaf girl – using all types of props and tricks so their guest couldn’t read their lips – Layton doing his ventriloquist/moustache thing while Mulcair gurgles in his beer.

      • If only, TC. If only…

  5. Mulcair don’t like Montreal. I know this because he is not wearing a Canadians Jersey.
    Has anyone asked him if he loves Montreal?

    • F U N N Y :D

    • Is he not from Montreal?

      • Close, he is from Hudson, which is off the island, a good 30-40 minutes from downtown.

        I’ve seen Layton play street hockey. Not pretty. He would lose to my grandmother, he is totally uncoordinated.

  6. I really dislike layton and the ndp, but I have to give jack props for wearing the white throwback, thats probably my favourite hockey jersey.

    • I wonder how he got his hand on such a vintage looking jersey..

  7. Caption: I’m wearing my blue collar shirt! I hope the crowd notices I’m in solidarity at this very moment.

    • Caption: I can’t smile, it’ll seem like hab games can be enjoyable.

      • oops! Habs.

    • Is the collar of the shirt blue?? It looks like it’s white but it might be the weird lighting..

  8. Using leftwing nutbar logic: One can only assume that all dippers are raging drunks and can’t get a woman to attend a hockey game with them….sad….socialist sad….comrade sad….SAD!!!!! ( Thomas, don’t bogart that beer!!!!)

  9. What are two dippers even DOING at an NHL game? Anyone seen the ticket prices? Especially at this harsh economic moment, when [insert random name] with two kids just lost his job… Elitist creeps…

  10. Aside from the “stupid” partisan remarks here – why does anyone think they decide who likes hockey, who doesn’t and who’s allowed to be there, etc.

    Personally, I haven’t thought that Layton has looked well lately. Has he been ill?

  11. Mulcair is thinking “I gotta spend the rest of the game with this guy?!–at least there’s beer to take the edge off”

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