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Holding pattern


On May 1, as previously noted, I sent the following questions to the office of minister of state Julian Fantino.

Last week, the Auditor General suggested that the Department of National Defence possessed a 36-year lifecycle costing for the F-35. See here. Is the auditor general mistaken or does a 36-year lifecycle costing exist? If it does exist, why has it not been made public?

Those questions were then forwarded to the Department of National Defence.

As of this writing, I have yet to receive an answer. As of last Thursday, the defence department was “still working within the approval process” to provide me with a response.


Holding pattern

  1. What “approval process?” It’s a record that has been requested and it either exists or it doesn’t.

    • The one where they go through the document to see what needs redacting, no doubt. Wherry’s copy will likely be thick black lines with the occasional word or sentence left readable.