Hollywood movie-star puff job substance-free governance update


Here’s the agenda for Arnold Schwarzennegger’s two-day climate-change conference starting Tuesday, with five state governors, representatives from Brazil, China, India, Poland, Indonesia and Mexico… and Gary Doer and Ontario environment minister John Gerretsen.


Hollywood movie-star puff job substance-free governance update

  1. If I was Premier of Manitoba and I was freezing my tush in Winterpeg (windchill this morning -22 according to Enviroment Canada), I’d be at that conference on global warming in California whether or not I beleived in the global warming hysteria.

  2. Not sure if its related to this, but I’m pretty sure California is one of the biggest clients Manitoba Hydro has (selling them electricity).

    Here in Manitoba, we’re encouraged to Save Power (so that our profits will go up as we sell more outside the province).

    I’m not a huge fan of Gary Doer, but he has always been one to be very proactive in terms of Manitoba’s relationship with the US (the issues dealing with the Devil’s Lake run-off lasted for years…)

    (and yes, I’d love an excuse to be in California today)

  3. Cool, but perhaps Schwarzenegger would be better off tending to the state budget crisis that is making Bob Rae’s tenure as Ontario premier appear peaceful by comparison. If Arnie is clever, he’d take an EPA or Energy appointment from Obama and leave the mess he’s helped make to, I dunno, Meg Whitman I guess? After all, she ran eBay!

  4. Risti, I’d be shocked to learn if Manitoba juice was getting that far southwest. Minny, Wisconsin and the Dakotas are our major American customers.

  5. Really? You mean the water-cooler talk I’ve heard about California might not be true?

    (Why am I really not shocked at all)

  6. It’s a practical consideration. The longer electricity travels, the more you lose as heat in the lines. Long distances just aren’t cost efficient.

  7. The reference to Indonesia caught my eye. There’s a very interesting article in the November issue of National Geographic deforestation in Borneo, shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

    Indonesia trails only the US and China in terms of CO2 emissions. A big part of the problem is rainforest being cut down (or burned down) to set up monoculture Oil Palm plantations. The Palm Oil is in demand for cooking, cosmetics, detergents and–increasingly–‘green’ bio-diesel, and Indonesia is a dominant global producer.

    Finding a way to mitigate not only the climate damage, but also the loss in biodiversity is a major challenge. Let’s hope something useful comes from that part of the summit agreement.

  8. I’m sure Gerretsen regaled them with the urban planning successes of Ontario. Yes, here in Ontario we reduce gashouse emmissions by not building the rail we need and not using passenger rail transit, and we reduce it further by charging for highway road use (long after the highways are paid for). Yes, we make our Toronto poor walk and we hike up the price of public transit to unaffordable. Anyone who does use ii we pack like sardines!!! We urban plan twice, always. If there’s a City Urban Transit Plan, we forget it all when working on our Provincial Urban Transit Plan. Hey noone is going anywhere here so the emmissions are low! Our cab drivers don’t even idle their cabs. In fact, they turn off the ignition in the middle of rush hour traffic (to save emmissions). Smiling to the audience, he tells Swarzenneger that he’d enjoy living in a 700 sq ft apt., in an Urban area as dense as Paris or Hong Kong. That’s what we are doing in the wide open spaces of Ontario. We don’t want to use them! We don’t even breathe most of our air, OK? You try it, Swarzenneger. Stop breathing. You’ll soon see, emmissions are not a problem!

  9. And no one from the federal government. Hmmmm.

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