‘Hook, line and sinker’


David Pugliese counters yesterday’s “news.”

The Russians have been doing such sorties for the last year and a half. In August 2007 Russian President Putin announced to the world that such sorties would begin again. “Starting in 1992, the Russian Federation unilaterally suspended strategic aviation flights to remote areas,” Putin said at the time. “Regrettably, other nations haven’t followed our example. That has created certain problems for Russia’s security.”

Yesterday’s incident prompted some amusement at NDHQ about how gullible some in  the news media can be and how easily some journalists swallowed the government’s bait hook, line and sinker.

However, that laughter was somewhat tempered by mid-afternoon when TV newscasts started linking the Arctic sovereignty issue and the Russian sortie. NDHQ types started getting worried that journalists would later start asking about what was happening with the Arctic training base, the Arctic patrol ships and the new icebreaker that were promised by the Harper government. The answer to what’s happening with those projects is “very little,” said one DND insider.


‘Hook, line and sinker’

  1. how gullible some in the news media can be

    Gullible? Is that the excuse behind the news media regurgitating nonsense from the PMO?

  2. Aaron – Your link in ‘counters’ goes to WordPress Admin sign in page.

  3. It’s too bad the Conservatives have shamefully broken their election promise of building icebreakers.

    I would have gone one step further and commissioned a nuclear-powered icebreaker. Those are very large ships, similar to US aircraft carriers in that they are powered by an onboard nuclear reactor rather than thousands of tonnes of diesel fuel. Despite the extra cost, these vessels never need to refuel and can be enormously powerful assets in the creation of ice-free shipping lanes. Also, they don’t emit GHGs.

    The massive boost to our Northern defense capabilities would be icing on the cake – a nuclear powered icebreaker would add considerable weight to our territorial claims in the Arctic Ocean.

  4. Great looking vehicle.Is awd AVAILABLE1 and V-8 engine?

  5. Why are we “claiming” the arctic anyways? Because if we lost the arctic we’d lose a gigantic welfare money pit, and if we lost such a big money pit we’d have to scale back the size of the federal government, cut taxes, and lay off a lot of parasitical “experts” ?

    It’s a pretty good scam … whip up fear over the Russkies stealing “our” money pit, get reporters to bang the tub about spending “promises”, start the wooden-headed military buffs and armchair bombardiers frothing about nucular-powered gadgets, wait til the opposition is dozing, and then BAM! award a few dozen multibillion dollar contracts to your buddies.

    • Yeah, i guess we’ll just have to relocate the Innuit *again*. Or were you thinking they could go back to a hunting and gathering subsistence life-style.

  6. There a significant questions to be asked here both on the Arctic Sovereignty front and the idea of media manipulation. Yet, once again no questions are being asked. Not by the media and not by the Opposition.

    When boastful strawmen and naked Emperors are running the country and nobody raises a voice or asks a questions then we are all badly served.

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