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Hope spring eternal


Globe and Mail, 2008. “Instead of carping about a dysfunctional Parliament, for which he holds much responsibility, Mr. Harper should throw out his previous playbook and try making the institution work. It would mean displaying the confidence to operate outside his comfort zone of near-absolute control, but it is a mission built for a true conservative. And, no, Senate reform is no substitute for getting the House of Commons operating well.”

Globe and Mail, 2011. “Mr. Harper could achieve a great deal more if he would relax his grip on Parliament, its independent officers and the flow of information, and instead bring his disciplined approach to bear on the great challenges at hand. That is the great strike against the Conservatives: a disrespect for Parliament, the abuse of prorogation, the repeated attempts (including during this campaign) to stanch debate and free expression. It is a disappointing failing in a leader who previously emerged from a populist movement that fought so valiantly for democratic reforms.”


Hope spring eternal

  1. Teh definition of insanity is….

    • Exactly, this is I believe, the third time the Globe has endorsed him…

  2. We endorsed him the first time hoping he would do something that he didn't end up doing but we hope this time he'll do it so we'll endorse him again.

  3. Aaron is being selective again.

    G&M 2008: Meanwhile, the supposedly obstinate Mr. Harper has been nothing if not open to adjusting as circumstances change. He was masterful in building a "big tent" centre-right alternative to the "natural governing" Liberals. His vision, determination and adroitness restored political competition to Canada, not an insignificant accomplishment.

    G&M 2011: Only Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have shown the leadership, the bullheadedness (let's call it what it is) and the discipline this country needs. He has built the Conservatives into arguably the only truly national party, and during his five years in office has demonstrated strength of character, resolve and a desire to reform. Canadians take Mr. Harper's successful stewardship of the economy for granted, which is high praise. He has not been the scary character portrayed by the opposition; with some exceptions, his government has been moderate and pragmatic.

    • "the discipline this country needs." Oh now you've done it. I've got this horrible image of Harper as a dominatrix in a leather vest and cowboy hat.

  4. 'In 2001, The Globe and Mail was combined with broadcast assets held by BCE Inc. to form the business now known as CTVglobemedia. Nine years later, at the end of 2010, the Thomson family, through its holding company Woodbridge, acquired direct control of The Globe and Mail with an 85-percent stake. BCE continues to hold 15 percent' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Globe_and_Mail#H….

    • So?

      • Did anyone expect Lord Thomson of Fleet to be anything but a Tory?

        • I expect that the company that will pay me my pension still believes that they sell newspapers (and information of all kinds) to make money for their shareholders. Roy's non interference policy, I hope, still applies.

          • You don't have to 'directly interfere' to get the result you want. The fact they pay your pension is enough.

    • Notice the absence of NDP spin doctor on CTV Power Play. Just can't lower themselves to even having a socialist point of veiw on their network.

      • Yes, and it's an organization above all others…being media…that should present all points of view.

  5. so what's your point? That BCE/CTV/GM are shills for the CPC? anyone with half a brain (even the editorial board at the globe)can see that IGGY was too smart by half in pulling the plug. He's so screwed now that he won't survive past midnight on Monday. Good work Emily, we owe you a debt for egging Iggy on and speeding the demise of rotting corpse formerly known as the Liberal party of Canada

    • I'd ease up on the rotting corpse nonsense.
      There's nothing to indicate that the Liberals will fall to Kim Campbell levels of support.
      By all accounts, the campaign has been better run and better financed than Dion's.
      If Harper fails to gain his majority after a 4th attempt, he might be out of a leadership job sooner than even Iggy, who is on just his first outing.
      We'll know more after March 2nd.

      • Cons always have to have an 'enemy', and DPT sees them everywhere. The level of hate in some of these people is amazing.

      • I think the Liberal Party will disappear shortly. So will liberalism, the social contract – rule of law, governance of the people by the people – and eventually capitalism and free market. China, a fully communist dictatorship, is where there is most growth. It's the wave of the future ! I'm awe-struck at photographs of Shangai today vs Shangai twenty years ago.

        I've been reading Jean Chrétien's speech in Toronto, pronounced last night. He reminded us that when he was first elected in 1963 there was no universal healthcare, no pension plan, no flag, no national anthem. The Constitution was in the hands of Westminster; there was no Charter of Rights, no Official Languages Act. Birth control pills were illegal; homosexuality was a crime.

        We have a prime minister who doesn't accept the premise that he is responsible to parliament and a significant segment of the population that agrees with this. I am a little younger than Monsieur Chretien but I remember what it was like before liberalism. Maybe that's why I have no problem imagining what society can be like once it's gone.

      • And even more than that after May 2nd :)

  6. Ha! Just listening to fellow from G&M Editorial, John Gilder? endorsement of Harper and Conservatives!!!

    The Globe's election endorsement: Facing up to our challenges

    "The campaign of 2011 – so vicious and often vapid – should not be remembered fondly. But that will soon be behind us. If the result is a confident new Parliament, it could help propel Canada into a fresh period of innovation, government reform and global ambition. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are best positioned to guide Canada there."

  7. I have a question – does the Globe and Mail's endorsement actually change anyone's vote?

    More votes in this election will be affected by social media.

    • If the kids on the social networking sites can manage to step away from the screen for the hour it'll take to vote. I have my doubts.

      • I'll believe it when i see it too, but I do think the question there is how many young voters are there who have said for some time now "I don't vote because the only party I'm interested in supporting is the NDP, and they're never going to win, so why bother"? It may be few, but if it's many, and they finally think that their party of choice might actually WIN that could maybe be pretty big.

        • This is the first election where the parties have really used social media, and that this is engaging youth voters for the first time. My guess is that this is part of the reason for the NDP's increase in popularity. This seems more likely than what I heard one pundit mention today, that the surge started due to Layton's performance in the debates.

          I'll be really interested to see the demographics of voters after the election.

          • I agree, although I still have doubts about the youth's ability to stop texting and surfing the web for more then half an hour.

          • Yeah, if there was only some portable way, in which you could text from anywhere and not be chained to your computer tower at your desk in a room in your house, but such a leap of science is unfathomable…..

          • I guess you could get your mom to drive you to the polling station, then you could text the whole way there and back.

          • Actually, most smart phones will let you speak texts and will read incoming ones out to you, so you can actually text and drive at the same time.

  8. What's funny is that the day the Globe writes something critical of the Harper government, should it still govern after this election, Conservatives will label it pro-liberal. The G&M has endorsed Harper the last three elections but that's not enough. No dissidence will be tolerated!

    • Forget the Globe, almost every paper in the entire country has endorsed the Tories in the last two elections. I'm sure it's all a complex part of the MSM campaign to destroy the Tories, but I have to admit that the plan is obviously too subtle for me to understand its nuances.

  9. James Laxer wrote a wonderful column predicting the inevitable Globe endorsement several days ago, except that it was–you know—better written. http://blog.jameslaxer.com


    • Oh, thanks for the link — what a wonderful piece. Nice to have some leavening with that heavy loaf they served up today.