How bout now? -

How bout now?


Justin Trudeau won’t be announcing a decision on the Liberal leadership next week at the party’s caucus retreat.

He has promised an answer “at the end of summer.” Technically, the last day of summer this year is September 21.


How bout now?

  1. Duh. He’s not going to announce anything before the Quebec election.

    If it is a PQ minority, would not running to replace Charest as Liberal leader, and future Premier of Quebec also be an attractive option?

    Is not vanquishing the PQ, becoming premier, the best route for becoming a future prime minister of Canada?

    Justin is a young man. He has the time to take a circuitous route. The rest of Canada might be awfully grateful if he ends the PQ, and fixes Quebec.

    • Um….that’s what the PC Charest was supposed to do

    • My understanding (which, as an outsider, may not be correct) is that his father was strongly disliked by faction of Quebecers. If so, is it reasonable to expect this dislike to not transfer to him, and if it does, would that make him unelectable as premier?

      • That was my thought, i.e., that JT would come into Quebec provincial politics with a ton of negative baggage inherited from his father. Probably better for the federalist cause to put up a fresh face. Personally I don’t think this is the best use of JT’s talents. I think he makes way more sense in federal politics, and his ability to win Outremont (which was not a slam dunk) is some proof of that.

    • That’s an interesting idea. I expect not even JT wants to jump into that snake pit. I also imagine it might be the one thing to guarantee the PQ stays around quite a bit longer than it othewise might. In some ways though it makes more sense than trying to pry away western Canada from the clutches of SH – pretty tough row to hoe that one.