How bout now? (Vic Toews edition)


For the second time in four years, Vic Toews is being linked to a judicial vacancy in Manitoba.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is destined for a new job on Manitoba’s highest court, sources say. There are currently nine judges on the Manitoba Court of Appeal — one works part time — but one is due to retire shortly when he hits the compulsory retirement age of 75.

There is also one opening on the Court of Queen’s Bench that needs filling. Sources say Toews is in line for the Court of Appeal opening, but it’s an appointment that does not have to be made immediately.

Update 1:28pm. A statement from Mr. Toews’ office.

Every year stories come up saying that Minister Toews is retiring from politics and going to the bench, and every year he returns to Parliament to continue working to keep Canadians safe. Minister Toews will continue to pursue our government’s legislative priorities in the fall session, with a focus on speedy passage of the Enhancing RCMP Accountability Act.


How bout now? (Vic Toews edition)

  1. And then Peter MacKay finds a home on Bay St?

  2. God help the criminally accused that end up in front of Judge “Dredd” Toews…

    • I AM TEH LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The only thing I know about his actual real legal ability was that his memorandum on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage was a joke,

  4. This is a HarperLand cabinet shuffle. All the benefits of flushing politically toxic characters (Oda, Toews, and I can think of at least two more) out of the limelight, with the deniability and innocence of a simple word like “retirement.”

  5. Ask the ex-wife about how much integrity he has. Should a judge be an example to follow ?? This man and his history shows he is not that man…SAH

  6. I may be getting my incompetent ministers mixed up, but wasn’t it Toews who swore up and down on National TV that the bill he was flogging didn’t say something, until Evan showed him the actual page with the words highlighted? That kind of “judgement” (the judgement of not reading a bill that you were flogging) does not bode well for justice in Manitoba.

  7. After his conviction for election law violations in Manitoba how is Toews even eligible to be a judge in that province?

  8. If VTs ever makes it to the SCoC my dual citizenship may come in handy yet. As it is I just might have to take Mantioba off my desirable places to live not yet tried list.

    • Feel free to use that dual citizenship thingy to get yourself out of this awful country you feel you have adopted.

      • It’s still a free country and you’re free to try and make me. Seriously get a sense of humor. I wouldn’t allow myself to be run out of my country by an incompetent like Toews.

    • The 30% are everywhere. Toews has yet to affect livability and most Manitobans are no more to blame for him than Ontarians are to blame for Dean Del Mastro.

  9. In any healthy democracy, having a court conviction to your name should disqualify you from becoming a judge. One would think.

  10. While I agree someone like him shouldn’t sit as a Judge, it would put him in a place to do less harm removed from Ottawa. Sorry Manitoba but you might have to take one for the team.