How could you say no to this? -

How could you say no to this?


Spencer Ackerman collects the infomercials and music videos that are being used to sell the F-35.


How could you say no to this?

  1. All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go
    I’m standing here outside your door
    I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

    But the dawn is breakin’, it’s early morn
    The taxi’s waiting, he’s blowin’ his horn
    Already I’m so lonesome I could cry

  2. I think I like this one better:

    I Didn’t Do It (The F-35 Song) by The Canadian Beaver Band

    •  I LUV that one!

    • Oh, that’s catchy!  Fave line: “Hey look, everybody, it’s Peter McKay!”

      Thanks for the laugh.  If indeed there’s anything laughable about this situation.

  3. Highway to the DANGER ZONE
    Ride into the DANGER ZONE

  4. Send Money, Guns, and Lawyers … Warren Zevon.

  5. If the F-35 is stealth, how did that second plane find and tail it? Or the camera crew for that matter.