How fast will the Conservatives move against Justin Trudeau? -

How fast will the Conservatives move against Justin Trudeau?

The attack ads are apparently coming


The remaining commercial time not yet filled by Economic Action Plan ads will apparently soon be occupied by Conservative attacks on Justin Trudeau.

If the Conservatives move “almost immediately” after Mr. Trudeau is officially chosen leader of the Liberal party, it might set a new speed record in this regard. They waited 57 days to similarly attack Stephane Dion and 10 days to attack Michael Ignatieff. The Conservatives then waited 93 days before launching an attack ad against Thomas Mulcair.


How fast will the Conservatives move against Justin Trudeau?

  1. Why don’t they simply have done with it and stick Canada’s action plan on them? Really attacking some 21/2 years out…quite a compliment if you bother to think about it.

    Don’t we have an experimental lakes area that needs funding somewhere or other!

    • You are mixing taxdollars and party funds. But you knew that already, right?

    • Or a coast guard station in Vancouver?

  2. Blackadder – I’ve got a plan so cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!

  3. S’already too late

  4. Now that the CBC has let the cat out of the bag to go negative on the CPC once again, I would say the CPC would be smart to present Justin by asking him what he stands for as soon as possible.

    Since the Liberal party doesn’t see the need for asking what Justin stands for, let the CPC do the job for them.

    “Will the real Justin stand up?”

    • Interesting that the CPC is going with the “He’s not ready” meme. That’s the same strategy Harris used against McGuinty in 1999. We all know what happened four years later.

      • Yes, but initially McGuinty lost. He won against Ernie Eves.

  5. The CPC is ready to rumble, my guess is they will catch Shiny Pony completely off guard and unprepared in the first round.

    • Hee. I don’t know if many people will get it, but hee.

    • Yes because no one thinks they will attack him, since they obviously didn’t do that to the two previous leaders of his party.

    • Brazeau?

  6. I thought his “they’re attacking you” bit from a while back was good and might work again.

  7. You gotta love it !!!!! – Harper doesn’t have to release the hounds at all – he can just sit back and laugh at the haters, pundits and critics giving him more and more headlines. Actually folks I think it won’t be Harper coming out guns blazing – there may be some ads but more likley that they will be sly wink wink sort of ones that play better to us Tories than it does to any undecided voters. Nope !! the real negative ads are the ones that Tommy The Beard are no doubt setting up – probably like the nuclear winter one they used against harper (good grief those were over the top and made Harper look like the purity of fresh snow) – you see folks right now Harper aint worried about shiny pony as he can take that shine off any time wants – right now the nervous leader is Tommy – make no mistake about this folks !!!

    • Well if Muclair does it then it will only piss his voters off. Voters that are Liberal like myself that voted for the NDP last time around will not be pleased. Already the polls show that Muclair is weak the rest of Canada. He won’t get support in the 416 because he’s not Jack and all Justin has to say to the rest of Canada is look he’s playing with the seperatists to divide us and everyone will just change the channel when Muclair comes on. In an effort to appease his caucus Muclair has painted himself in to a corner allowing for the Liberals to reclaim their natural voters like myself. I don’t want a leader that reopens the national unity debate or will repeal the Clarity Act. Also you fail to recognize that Stephen Harper was never one stand back on the sidelines. There’s absolutely no way he will let Trudeau keep drubbing him in the polls. He’s simply to arrogant in his own ability to manipulate the Canadian public.

  8. Already saw the fist commercial this morning – Justin is Just in over his head.