How many Pierre Poutines are out there?


Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher review the latest numbers from Elections Canada.

Dickson writes that Elections Canada has received 1,147 complaints of inappropriate calls, in 247 ridings, including 252 complaints from Guelph, where the “Pierre Poutine” robocall send hundreds of voters to the wrong polling station. Dickson notes the calls in Guelph are the subject of an investigation that is “separate, but related” to his own.

A total of 1,043 complaints are from voters who say they were directed to a wrong polling station by callers, 625 of them from live or recorded callers “claiming to emanate from Elections Canada.” Elections Canada does not call voters to tell them their polling stations have moved. The other calls are rude or harassing calls from people identifying themselves as Liberals or New Democrats, calling at odd hours, swearing or rudely demanding donations.


How many Pierre Poutines are out there?

  1. To answer your question 143.

  2. 2011 election will live in infamy here in Guelph – people still chuntering about it at dinner parties we attend. I was talking to marijuana party candidate at zeds dead on halloween and he was telling me about his court case against Frank Valeriote. Guelphites will be telling their grand children about PP and other antics of 2011 election.

    Guelph Mercury Oct 28
    Kornelis Klevering’s challenge of the Guelph results in the 2011 federal election reached court Monday.

    In a Toronto courtroom Monday, Klevering, who is representing himself, took exception to a submission from MP Frank Valeriote’s lawyer that the results should stand because there is no evidence fraudulent robocalls affected the outcome.

    “Is the respondent suggesting it’s OK for massive fraud to take place as long as there’s a clear winner?” Klevering asked in Federal Court. “That’s the kind of thing you see in dictatorships, for God’s sakes.”

  3. Here’s the sweetspot in the story:

    “On Aug. 7 and Aug. 30, he contacted Conservative party lawyer Arthur Hamilton to discuss “the issue of whether the Conservative party or its candidate … made such calls.” Hamilton agreed to put forward a request for information to party officials, Dickson said.
    On Oct. 30, almost 90 days after first being contacted, Hamilton advised Dickson that he would soon be able to set up meetings.”
    This is what the Conservative Party of Canada calls “cooperating fully with the investigation.”

  4. It’s so maddening that Elections Canada and the RCMP are taking such an unenthusiastic view of punishing lawbreakers who compromised the integrity of a $.3B election process, and make the legitimacy of our government highly questionable. Terrorists strive to create this sort of level of disruption, often with less success!

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