How Mark Warawa’s motion was rejected

Conservative MP appeals ruling on Motion 408


Conservative MP Mark Warawa is appealing the rejection of his motion on sex-selective abortion.

Mr. Warawa’s motion was ruled out of order after a discussion at the subcommittee on private members’ business last Thursday. The audio of that meeting is available here—Motion 408 was the second motion dealt with by the committee.

An expert from the Library of Parliament told the committee the following.

This motion will ask the House to condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex selective pregnancy termination. With respect to this motion, I will first underline that there is a fundamental distinction between a motion and an Act of Parliament. A motion does not enact in itself a rule of law. It’s not an Act of Parliament. It does not put in place rules. This motion refers to the deliberative functions of Parliament, which is protected by Parliamentary privilege. If we look at the criteria, it is within federal jurisdiction. It does not offend the constitution, and there’s no similar motion currently on the order paper.

NDP MP Philip Toone asked a few questions about the jurisdictional rule. Liberal MP Stephane Dion argued that Motion 408 was similar in subject matter to Motion 312, which the House had already voted. Conservative MP Scott Armstrong then commented as follows.

I would like to support my colleagues at the table in both instances. We’re of the position that Bill C-408 should not be deemed votable because it doesn’t meet these two criteria. It involves ultrasounds and health care delivery, and this is clearly the jurisdiction of the provinces. This bill would impinge upon provincial jurisdiction, and, in our opinion, this bill is very similar in nature to a former motion which was debated in the house, motion M-312. This was also voted on. We agree with the positions of both the colleagues at the table.

By a voice vote, the motion was then deemed non-votable.


How Mark Warawa’s motion was rejected

  1. Mr Warawa needs a job. Perhaps inspecting full rain barrels, headfirst, for leaks.

    • I don’t know if there are any jobs left to take, EmilyOne, since Justin has taken on so many jobs. Maybe Mr.Warawa could ask Justin if he would let one job go, either the none-sitting of an MP (which pays well I hear) or the one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,eleven, twelve, thirteen jobs of making a speech (which also pays well I hear).

      Which one, would you say, works best for Justin?

    • Afraid of the truth?

      • Not interested in religious rubbish, sorry.

    • What a compelling argument you make…

      The fact is that supporters of the status quo are terrified of even the least controversial of declarations (unborn baby girls shouldn’t be targeted and killed on account of their gender = not controversial in the least)… they know that morally and intellectually, the status quo of abortion on demand until the moment of ‘complete birth’ is completely and utterly indefensible. For them, the less light shone on the subject the better… fewer studies conducted, less data collected and compiled into statistics, fewest possible people who actually know what the status quo is, and above all… no discussion or debate about the actual issue…. is the unborn child a human being? when does this happen, and what protection should they receive?.

      • Sorry, not going to discuss this rubbish. It was decided years ago, now move on

        • So, clearly, you are in favour of killing unborn baby girls, simply because they are female. Why do you not admit this outright, rather than blandly dismissing the issue as “rubbish”? Your moral compass is defective.

          • You wanna be pro-life pally….? 18,000 children die of starvation in the world every day.

            Start feeding them

          • Stop deflecting. Warawa’s motion has nothing to do with 3rd world poverty. It’s not just your moral compass, your logical compass needs repair too.

            However irrelevant to this issue, those 18,000/day starvation deaths are a real tragedy. I hope you are doing something about it. Oh, never mind, I forgot, you’re pro-death.

          • No, it has to do with him trying to impose his religion on me.

            Sorry…ain’t gonna happen.

            Now go do something useful, and stop being an ass.

          • “… trying to impose his religion on me.”
            Warawa wouldn’t deny he’s motivated by religion but the issue is one of basic morality. Religion needn’t enter into it.

            “Now go do something useful, and stop being an ass.”
            Great argument. Right back atcha’.

          • HIs religion, his morality….not mine

            Nothing to do with me actually, or any other normal person

          • “…his morality…”
            And mine and that of 92% of Canadians.

          • LOL I see…the only morality is yours eh?

  2. I don’t understand why the NDP and Libs defeated this motion at committee. Aside from the fact that doing so diminishes “the deliberative functions of Parliament” and the role of the backbencher, it would have been interesting to see how the CPC caucus dealt with it in the House. I think they’d have had a serious schism to paper over.

    If their roles had been reversed, I suspect the Cons would have advanced such a private member’s motion with glee, just to sow dissension in the ranks of the opposition.

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