Find out how much the Canada Child Benefit will help your family

Use our interactive tool to determine your monthly and annual child benefit payouts—and compare them to the cancelled benefits of years past.

Father cradling newborn baby in nursery. (Dann Tardif/Getty Images)

Father cradling newborn baby in nursery. (Dann Tardif/Getty Images)

If there’s one transformative policy in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s first budget, it’s the new Canada Child Benefit. Liberals campaigned hard on an overhaul of the last government’s approach to helping parents with kids, and they’re calling their CCB “the most significant policy innovation in a generation,” and “a plan to help families more than any other social program since universal health care.”

Nine out of 10 families will, according to government calculations, get bigger monthly cheques than a suite of child benefits delivered to families during Stephen Harper’s time in office. The program, it’s claimed, will “lift hundreds of thousands of kids up from poverty.”

Putting aside the lofty rhetoric behind the Liberals sales pitch for the CCB, the real question facing Canadian families is: Are you better off? How does the new, non-taxable program stack up against the payouts from the former (and taxable) Universal Child Care Benefit and Canada Child Tax Benefit?

Use this calculator to determine an estimate of how much those defunct programs helped your family—and what you can expect the CCB to deposit in your bank account.


Find out how much the Canada Child Benefit will help your family

  1. So with two parents employed in decent middle class jobs, I get nothing, with one job a slight advantage and with 1 minimum wage job an extra $190 or so per child per month. I suppose well off middle classers are expected to cry foul – is this the injustice Rona Ambrose is so vocal about? Or is this supposed to divert our attention from rich tax evaders?

    • Under the previous plan, every parent received some money (back) to help defray some costs. Under the new plan, those being punished by the “wealth tax” will get nothing.

      If you voted LIberal, you can’t complain. (if you voted NDP, I’m sure you don’t understand what I’m writing about in any event…so no harm)

      • I think you mean the 10% don’t get the handout as they don’t need it!

        • The Toronto Star is reporting that families on reserves will get nothing because typically they do not file income tax and one has to file income tax to get the money. So in fact this child benefit is only pulling about 1/2 of the number of children it could out of poverty. I wonder how many others who aren’t filing income tax due to low functioning, mental illness, etc. Should be getting the money but are not. This tax really is about the middle class, not the truly impoverished and marginalized.

  2. As usual, this calculator presents and incomplete financial picture. It does not take into effect the elimination of the Family Tax Cut by the Liberals. This allowed some couples to save up to the $2,000 a year at tax time. All this calculator does is compare the UCCB payments to the new CTB payments, but its not a complete financial picture of the changes.

  3. Hi JamesHalifax. So these children you describe, should they be starved so as to properly punish the mother whose behaviour you dislike? Myself, I view them as little humans who deserve a good start in life no matter what their mother did or did not do.

    Also, “multi-hued”? Can you explain why that is a problem?

    • by the way….

      Multi-hued isn’t a reflection on the kids. It is a reflection on the mother, who apparently will bed anyone who buys her a drink or burger.

  4. PM Buttercup just gave himself a $6000.00 raise. Keep paying your taxes folks.

    • Hair gel is expensive…….you can’t begrudge him that small amount.

    • After dismantling most of Harpo’s repressive legislation, Justin deserves a raise!

  5. This is one of the best ideas put into play in decades. There was far too much child poverty for a country with such vast wealth. (this was known for years and nothing was done) Harper’s Christmas in July taxable benefits scam was an insult to all Canadian parents. Thank God we have a human in power now.

  6. Here’s an idea: Before you have kids, look at your income, how your income will change (decline) with one parent caring for kids, expenses as they are now, and roughly what those expenses will be after you have kids. Decide if you can afford to raise kids properly. Proceed accordingly.

    • ????? Most mother return to work after the child is a certain age. This is only smart because should the household depend on one income and that person lose their income, who pray tell is going to pay the bills? In the bust of 2008, it was mostly women who remained in the work force. I will agree with your assessment that having multiple children in childcare is very expensive so it is really smart if parents can work around that but in uncertain times, both parents likely should keep their foot in the employment door in case it slams shut on one of them.

  7. The calculator doesn’t calculate how much money recently unemployed parents lose under the new plan, which delays benefits from reduced income to the following year.

    The previous benefits worked in real time. The current plan works with a year’s time delay. So parents whose circumstances change dramatically for the worse have to wait a year before they get help.

    • Yes, there are a whole lot of families from all over the country who had jobs last year in Alberta but do not this year.

  8. I think this plan was and is a great first step in addressing income inequality. My own children actually lose out on net after tax child care benefits and even pay more in taxes to boot. But once this “new equalibrium” becomes the norm they will adjust as will others lucky enough to have good jobs.

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