How not to ask a question about supply management


Fans of both supply management and proper parliamentary practice take note: the government side sent up Joe Preston this afternoon to attempt to ask the following.

Mr. Speaker, our government has always been a consistent defender of supply management. By contrast, the Liberal Party offers no concrete proof of its position. The Liberals left supply management out of its election platform and constantly votes against measures that benefit our supply managed farmers and all rural Canadians. Could the Minister of Agriculture please inform the House of the most recent example of how the Liberal Party is turning its back on our egg, dairy and poultry farmers?

The Speaker duly ruled this out of order and moved on to the next question.

I have had to rule before that questions to the government have to touch on government areas of responsibility. Asking about the position of another party is not a government area of responsibility.


How not to ask a question about supply management

  1. Neither is talking about the position of another party, so it would seem to me that if the Speaker wants to be consistent, he should similarly rule out of order any government answers which attempt to talk about what the opposition parties have planned, and require the minister try again.

    How many hours do you think Kenney’d have to remain standing?

    • Ya, the speaker should ensure the government has to give the answer the opposition wants to hear. The opposition should be immune from accountability for their publicly stated policies.

      • Wow! You almost managed to read half a message there.
        Congrats, you’re getting better, person who isn’t Rick.

  2. I was surprised he allowed the NDP head of a committee to answer a Liberal question about how the committee had been adjourned. Certainly not government business. I didn’t think committee chairs answered questions in question period.

  3. What, nobody accusing The Speaker of being a Conservative toady today? Was it not just two days ago that this board was in a rage because Page was just a Harper puppet?

    • Even toadies get it right sometimes.

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