How to Be a Better Canadian: Watch QP

Aaron Wherry explains why Canadians should watch Question Period


Maclean’s presents the latest instalment in our patriotic video series, designed to hone your skills, add to your already encyclopedic knowledge of this great country and generally make you a super-Canadian.

This week: Aaron Wherry explains why Question Period is required viewing for every Canadian.

This week we also launch Inside Ottawa, a fall series that will consider the work and worth of an MP.

How to be a better Canadian?
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How to Be a Better Canadian: Watch QP

  1. A party with three to one questions in QP doesn’t seem to be knocking it out of the park when it comes to polling. Any good leader, even Trudeau, given that kind of opportunity for 3-1 questions could’ve performed just as good. Just because you think you can keep Harpers feet to the fire, doesn’t give you the right to think you should become PM in the next election. The author has showed a little bias in his video, by trying to show Harper and Mulcair at their best, but was quick to show Trudeau at his least best. Oh, yes we all should be looking at QP, but lets not turn things into who can get the best national news clip for suppertime news, just to try to raise your polling numbers. Its a house of debate, not exploitation.

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