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How to fundraise

A Liberal Senator’s tweet inspires a Conservative plea for cash


Yesterday afternoon, Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette apparently sent out a tweet suggesting that an alignment with U.S. policy would somehow draw the interest of terrorists.

On that basis, the Conservative party is now appealing for funds to help spread the word of Justin Trudeau’s unfitness for office.

Yesterday, the RCMP announced they had foiled a potential terrorist attack here in Canada – and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal team thought it was a good idea to use the moment to score cheap political points against our Conservative government.

Here’s what Trudeau’s senior Quebec advisor, Senator Hervieux-Payette, had to say on Twitter: “Harper wants to align Canada with the US, wants the same republican policies: he will get also the same terrorists.”

I guess now we know what Trudeau meant when, instead of condemning the Boston bombers and calling for their swift punishment, he opined that we needed to look for “root causes” because terrorists are probably feeling “excluded.” Trudeau’s Liberals think Conservative policies are the real “root cause” of terrorism.

The media are deliberately ignoring this story to protect Justin Trudeau. We tried to get reporters interested, but the media would rather report on an NDP news release about Earth Day.

That’s why we need your help. We need to make sure every Canadian knows that Justin Trudeau lacks the judgement and experience to be Prime Minister.

Can you chip in $5 or whatever you can afford so we can keep the pressure on Justin Trudeau?

He’s the most inexperienced leader of the Liberal Party in history – and it shows. Help us send a message to Justin Trudeau that his comments on terrorism are unacceptable.


Jenni Byrne
National Campaign Manager, 2011

I’m not sure what evidence there is that the senator is Mr. Trudeau’s “senior Quebec advisor.” (I’ve asked Mr. Trudeau’s office for clarification.) She endorsed Joyce Murray in the Liberal leadership race.

Update 6:02pm. Liberal House leader Dominic LeBlanc was asked about this after QP today.

I actually don’t follow madame Hervieux-Payette’s comments on Twitter. My understanding is that a staff person has apologized for in fact having used her account to put on Twitter views that certainly are reflected by myself, by the Liberal caucus or by the Liberal leader. What’s interesting for us is that Mr. Harper probably holds the speed record in trying to exploit a tragedy like the Boston bombings for political advantage and this week he gets another prize for the record in terms of speed of trying to exploit for financial gain for his Conservative Party these tragic events. There’s no depth to which he won’t sink to try and collect money for the Conservative Party, sending a fund-raising letter with a series of falsehoods, that’s only one of them, there are others, but we’re not – we’re not particularly surprised or worried about that.

I’m told Senator Hervieux-Payette was not Mr. Trudeau’s senior Quebec advisor.


How to fundraise

  1. There are, evidently, no depths the Cons won’t plumb for money.

  2. Wow, they really got nothing eh?
    I’m curious to know how this incredibly weak attempt will play with their base.

    • I think you are right Phil King; the Liberals out there will be extremely pleased with the Liberal senator’s insights. Justin will write the Senator’s suggested root cause up there in his soon to be released new Red Book! :)))

      • Apart from the fact he clearly didn’t say that, do you have any evidence for that assertion? Something that would lead us to think you ever post anything non partisan?( what’s the rule? Never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to ?)

        • The CPC lives in a post-fact, post-evidence world now. If the base follows suit we’re probably doomed.

          • And the scary thing is what comes after them if it’s seen to work for them in the long run. If they can destroy a name as iconic as Trudeau’s is in this country through these methods, the sky’s the limit for anyone who wants to emulate this kind of politics.
            Guilt by association, the political equivalent of defcon5.

          • Excuse me for intruding in your conversation with GFMD, but if you seriously want to know how to defeat PM Harper and the CPC government?

            Any leader who will come up with better politics for this country, will form government after the next election. Canadian voters are not looking for shallow; they are looking for reasonable behaviour (hint: it includes reason to come to conclusions and Harper is strong on that front.)

          • “Any leader who will come up with better politics for this country, will form government after the next election.”

            What if two, or even three or four leaders come up with better policies? Which one will win?

          • Pierre Trudeau may be iconic to you, but not to most Canadians.

            By the way PET won 4 Elections —three against Robert Stanfield and one against Joe Clark—not exactly the heyday of Conservative leaders. IMHO he is very overrated as a campaigner–leader.

            Harper would have whupped him.

          • It’s a pity for you that “most”Canadians do not agree with you at all. Check the numbers. PET regularly pulls in an approval rating of over 30% of Canadians when asked who the greatest modern PMs were. Nobody else gets above half that figure.
            As usual you’re opinion isn’t a substitute for facts.

        • My rule is simply this: I am following yours and other examples around to then crush the non sense in a most sensible manner.

          Not a bad rule, methinks! :))

          • You seem like a nice lady. You’re unfailing polite, and unlike me for instance you rarely attack anyone. But there are days when i seriously wonder if your elevator goes all the way to the top floor.

          • Thank you. Most people who meet me think I am a nice lady, too.

            Let me prove to you that my elevator does indeed go all the way to the top (enjoy):

            (Justin is about to give a speech at a school he has been invited to, at a cost to the school of $10,000 dollars. Justin was at first reluctant to do this since he already gets an MP salary, but the vote in the House that day was not that important….)

            Justin walks onto the podium pulling a little red wagon full of scissors:

            “People, people, this should be an outrage; the government has decided to add $3 to the cost of this little red wagon because it was made in China. And these scissors, dear middle class, all of these scissors are now costing 10 cents more because of another tariff attached to the made in China product. And outrage for the middle class, simply an outrage!!”

            Justin then wipes his curly hair away from his brow before pulling his little red wagon up and down the stage to show each and every student and parent the many scissors waiting in the wagon to be sold. The students and parents clap, and clap and clap some more. Then Justin is done and goes behind the stage, and as he does so, bowing one last time to the audience which he will then leave breathless.

            Behind the stage Justin pulls the headmaster aside and says:

            “Dear headmaster, could you CUT me that cheque for $10,000 now. Sending it in the mail will only add the cost of a stamp, non?”

          • CPC supporters are vile. Why do they lie so much?

          • Very creative comment coming from GFMD! Who would have thought!

          • Yes, Conservatives are bad people. Liberals and New Democrats are good people.

          • Drink!

          • Astonishing!!!!!!!!!!!!

            “The federal government is tightening up tariffs on imported products such as televisions and iPods that receive a special exemption when used with computers. Importers owe about $16 million from 2011 alone due to a reassessment of customs duties, according to a memo from the Canadian Border Services Agency, released under the Access to Information Act and obtained by The Canadian Press.”

            There’s a heap of 10 centers in there eh. Probably not the final figure either.

          • So when did conservatives start getting upset about people getting paid exactly what someone is willing to pay them?

          • BTW, I’d like the name of the school you’re referring to.

      • the Liberals out there will be extremely pleased with the Liberal
        senator’s insights. Justin will write the Senator’s suggested root cause
        up there in his soon to be released new Red Book!

        You’ve posted many comments that, literally, make no sense. This is, yet, another example.

        Your apparent fascination with “Justin” seems to lead you into some weird metaphysical space.

    • Well.

  3. Dam Earth Day, it always sucks the life out of the leftie bashing.

  4. Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette’s tweet withdrawn AND Kevin Page’s appeal turned down – all in one day!

    I think it was a good down-to-earth-day yesterday,…. after all!

  5. The irony being that it’s likely to be just the sort of tweet that would be popular in some quarters of QC. If JT is as essentially as politically amoral[ or strategic – you pick] as Harper is he should really leave it stand and say it’s a matter of freedom of speech – which it is really – as long as you’re willing to pay the political price for it everywhere else of course.

    • Heck the senator has got a point. America’s been blundering around the middle east for far longer than the last two insane wars, and there’s gonna be blowback.

      • Yeah, but you’re not allowed to even think something like that in Harper’s Canada.

      • How many needless terrorist loonies are there out there, just for Iraq alone?

        • The Iraqi leader recently said/claimed Iraqis are grateful to the coalition. It’s been a mess but even at its worst it was better than Hussein. Iraq is an open question to my mind.

          • That is a forbidden viewpoint in Progressiveland, and you are a Thought Criminal for expressing it.

          • not a criminal, just foolish.

          • What can I say but Harper evil Nazi bad, worse than North Korea

          • But I imagine it’s a pretty standard “viewpoint” for the leader of a country staring at an American Embassy the size of Vatican City with a US hand up his rear.

          • Nothing excuses the incompetence with which the Bush administration conducted that war – particularly after the official shooting war was over.

          • I agree wholeheartedly with what you say — the book Imperial Life in the Emerald City did a very good job of explaining all of that. That’s a separate issue, though, from the one that Rob raised, which is whether Iraqis (and their neighbours) would be better off today if Saddam Hussein had remained in power.

          • Haven’t read that one. Is that the one the details insane rules that acted like a litmus test of republican purity, before your skills could be used in post war Iraq? Apparently that happened, hard it is to believe. Someone who might have been qualified to help out there was turned down because of their views on abortion for instance.

            And i concur. Any counterfactual that attempted to show Iraqis would have been better off under SD would be a toughie. There wasn’t a lot of evidence that sanctions were working.
            What it did show [to me anyway] was that blind idealism on the right is as dangerous as it has previously been on the left. Freedom if it has come a all has come at an unimaginable price in Iraq…and cost to the social/political fabric in the US.

          • Essentially yes to the question in your first paragraph. Although the “purity” litmus tests tended to focus on economic grounds rather than social policy grounds. Blind belief in the magic of free markets, when you’ve got a situation on the ground that’s completely f+cked up, and also (this was very important) that congenital distrust that hard-right Republicans have of anything run by the Department of State/Foggy Bottom (which US Conservatives have always viewed as a vile nest of wet liberalism and commie sympathizers etc.). And the thing is, the State Department tends to have the policy and development experts. So it was a classic case of an occupying power shooting itself in the foot. It really is a sad, but interesting, read.
            One of the huge TSN turning points was the occupying authority’s decision to basically fire the entire Iraqi Army (I forget exactly how it played out in process). Just head-smackingly dumb. Their rationale was that it was run by Baathists, but hey Einsteins, in a one-party state EVERYTHING was run by Baathists. Meanwhile you have just instantly pissed off hundreds of thousands of men who have guns and ammo and know how to use them, etc. It just goes on and on.

          • Sounds like a good read. I only heard it pitched[ on cbc i think] but the part that stayed with me as i remember it was that some were asked about their views on abortion for instance.[ could have been another book?] But now you mention it i’m sure the main focus was economic.
            Odd how liberalism[or neo-liberalism] when taken to its extreme starts to resemble communism at its worst.
            I guess it’s proponents would argue the aims were/are different…ie., freedom for the people of Iraq. Maybe so, but there’s no excuse for that degree of bone headed stupidity. Those were people, not a focus group or laboratory experiment in classic liberalism.
            God protect us from fundamentalists of any kind.

          • There’d be a hell of a lot more of them alive if that’s what you mean by “better off”.

          • I agree. But then you’re into that calculation — which a lot of people don’t like to think about — regarding whether it’s worth anyone’s life, or worth multiple lives, for the payoff of getting rid of a horrible dictator and threat to regional stability etc.
            In Ian Kershaw’s recent book The End, there’s a very interesting theory put forth by Kershaw, based on interviews with old German generals. The theory — which is unsettling to contemplate — is that, while most of us tend to think it would have been awesome if the Schtauffenberg assassination plot had succeeded (and Hitler thus killed in early 1944), there’s a counterargument that says that would have been in fact bad in the long term for all of us. The argument is that had WWII ended early via a German surrended on the heels of the Hitler assassination, German Nazis and other nationalists would have been around in mass numbers and would have made the same argument they made about WWI, i.e., that they actually would have won that war had they not been “stabbed in the back.” Therefore, the theory goes, even though millions and millions of people had to die between June 1944 and May 1945, it might have all been worth it in terms of ensuring that Naziism truly died and was throughly stamped out and discredited among the German population.

          • Sorry, meant to say “surrender” not “surrended”

  6. On the same day that Sun News is spinning the CRTC and demanding corporate welfare for their poor business model too. That’s Conservatives for you.

    • They’d undoubtably be happier with a fully level playing field… what they’re asking for is the same situation as their competitors.

  7. By this logic, Stephen Harper supports the viewing of child pornography on the internet.

    Stephen Harper, standing with child pornographers, all day everyday.

  8. @acoyne: Okay that Sen. Celine Hervieux-Payette terrorism tweet? Now THAT was dumb. Colossally so.

    See Wherry? Now THAT’s how you call out stupidity. That’s how you do unbiased journalism. With no regard for protecting the party you favour (yes, Coyne endorsed the Liberals last election).

    Sometimes, the story really is about something stupid the Liberals did…not the Conservative response to it. Read. Learn. Practice.

    • Here’s the link.

      According to Wherry, the news here is whether “Senator Hervieux-Payette was not Mr. Trudeau’s senior Quebec advisor”. Certainly she’s a senior Liberal. I’m not so sure Wherry would be concerned with someone’s status within the party if that party were the Conservative party.

      What Trudeau said, or what Hervieux-Payette said, neither of those are of interest, apparently.

      It seems to have interested Coyne, however. And the Conservatives believe it would interest lots of other people.

      • Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t a conspiracy against you. Listen! What was that?

        Sarcasm aside, since you believe the media is Liberal-biased, do you believe that SunTV should be given mandatory carriage, and thus public-funded?