How to salvage C-30


David Fraser offers four amendments.

There are many, many problems with the warrantless access to customer data in Bill C-30, known as the lawful access bill. The main problem pointed to by the proponents of the Bill is that it takes too long to get a warrant that requires an internet service provider to hand over customer name and address information that corresponds with an IP address. If that is really the problem they are trying to address, it would be best to address it by making the warrant-seeking process more efficient and limit warrantless requests to circumstances where there is a real emergency.

Ivor Tossell explains the dangers contained in the present bill.


How to salvage C-30

  1. A better question is: “Why salvage C-30”?

    Can someone please explain what part of this legislation is actually required? I have yet to see any valid reasons for any part of this proposed bill to exist (and thus be salvaged).

    • The telco/ISP infrastructure requirements of C30 are loosely analogous to that which police use today to “tap” conventional phone lines.  Without the tech enabling it, no wire taps. 

      Same for extensive monitoring of internet traffic. In principle, it’s a reasonable provision.

  2. I prefer to skuttle C-30

  3. I’m not sure I’m in favour of trying to save this patient.

    Kill it dead (dead, dead, dead) and move on to something new.

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