How to sell


During QP yesterday, Megan Leslie helpfully offered to rebrand the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Enbridge wanted approval before it told Canadians where it would build its pipeline. However, the government wants to go even further and shut Canadians out of the process altogether. Instead of actually submitting a route, companies will soon only have to submit a name for their pipeline and the Conservatives will approve it. Maybe it will be the Protecting Bitumen from Internet Predators pipeline. I am sure the Conservatives will enjoy rubber-stamping that one.

Bruce Cheadle reviews the Harper government’s fondness for such sloganeering.


How to sell

  1. She’s a clever one — I imagine she raises their ire.  She and young Justin, while on different teams, are becoming sort of a new age rat pack in the HoC.  Their good looks and youthful insouciance make them excellent for this, and it will shine attention onto them while making the conservatives look like out of touch fuddy duddies.  Note: I did not say they ARE out of touch fuddy duddies (they’re more “fuddle duddles”).

  2. It’s definitely American….it’s all how you ‘frame’ an issue….or brand or re-brand it.

    Plain-speaking gets lost, and so does the original issue, because most people can’t keep up with all the shenanigans and twists and turns.

    One thing we do know though….Harper Conservatives are still the Reform party.

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