I am become Shiva, destroyer of smallish Ontario sport fish


Motoring back from somewhere north of Sudbury. I caught two pike, a bass and two perch, one so small as to be undetectable without the aid of a Large Hadron Collider.

So what’d I miss? Open thread, but your insights are appreciated. All I’ve seen are Nanos and Harris/Decima topline numbers….real blogging to resume tomorrow….


I am become Shiva, destroyer of smallish Ontario sport fish

  1. Welcome back, Dr. Oppenheimer.

  2. Here is what you “missed”, though one might argue you really did not “miss” anything.

    1 – I would say the Liberal platform was interesting for two reasons:
    a) It was generally well-received.
    b) It was practically forgotten the next day.

    2 – Gilles Duceppe went on Tout le monde en parle and gave a stunning performance. “J’invente rien. C’est là.” He kept repeating this sentence at every talking point. This coincided with Harper going on and on about the artists. Bottom line: Harper down in Québec. Duceppe up. Layton and Dion forgotten.

    3 – Elizabeth May went/still is? on a cross-country tour on a train. It made me wonder why Dion or Layton didn’t just do that instead of renting out a plane. She got a lot of attention at first, but the concept lost its novelty by the third day. She gave yet another news-worthy interview to the Star this morning.

    4 – The Natty Post is asking/begging/ordering/threatening/annoying/persisting/pushing the Liberals and the Dippers to ditch candidates. Jonny Kay is on a mission.

    5 – Layton said “sure, kinda” (or something like that) to a question regarding a coalition with the Liberals. Dion shut it down. The left got excited for 30 minutes. Websites like votefortheenvironment are popping up everywhere.

    6 – Harper is riding the wave.

  3. Wassim has provided you an excellent summary, Paul, but left out one detail.

    The last week was spent predicting either the end of the world or absolute paradise if a daily tracking poll ticked up or down by a point when the margin of error dwarfed the tick (something about a Hadron collider to detect the speck?). Regional breakouts with smaller samples led to even more wild swings within even more huuuge margins of error, leading to earnest speculation as to why one party or leader just suddenly tanked overnight, and failing to realize that paying attention during that college elective math class might have been beneficial.

    Welcome back.

  4. Oh. And forgot one thing.

    7 – “Anonymous” liberal sources are filling the pages of the Globe and Mail.

    8 – Not so anonymous Stephen Le Drew used the editorial pages of the NatPost to tell Liberals they need to replace Dion.

  5. Just so you know, the Liberals are going down the tubes faster than the Titanic sank. And Bion can’t be bothered to bail hailing, don’t worry, be happy to all the Liberals abandoning ship. This ones all over but the crying.

  6. The incumbent is campaigning on a “not them” platform. Sadly, “them” have such an awful campaign that the incumbents need not invest any additional effort to succeed. The path of least resistance is going to work, and the country is all the poorer for it.

  7. “Anonymous” liberal sources are filling the pages of the Globe and Mail.

    I believe Paul was asking what was new in the world of politics.

  8. Oh, and read the Business section and the front pages of any daily paper for capitalism’s obituary. After a prolonged mild chronic illness, there was a brief but intense worsening, and the American relatives decided this week that the doctors should pull the plug. Now the surviving family members are bickering over the estate.

  9. Let me see Paul :

    (1) you missed the rising crescendo of tiny little feet scurrying down the line from the listing Liberal ship and then some climbing up to the NDP and Green vessels. Who would’ve thought that Dion is turning out to be the best chance for Layton to become the leader of the official opposition.
    (2) you missed Iggy turning on his fellow Liberals telling them to shut up and get to work that had to go over well.
    (3) you missed our good Mr. Harper picking a fight with pampered artists using the tax payer dime to complain about not enough tax payer money going to them as if 3 billion a year isn’t enough! Incidentally every body is in agreement that it was stupid and a terrible mistake but somehow one of the main results was both Layton’s and Gilles numbers Spiked Upwards in Quebec as Layton just happened to be there at the perfect time with the perfect amount of righteous indignation. Cudo’s for him and Harper’s base (myself included)is feeling all warm and fuzzy.
    (4) you missed the collapse of the Liberal Party out west here with both Harper and Layton fighting each other with everyone asking where’s Dion and no one really knows.
    (5) you missed some high ranking Liberals publicly denouncing Dion – ouch! personally I think this is bad form and anyone who does this is written off in my book in life the least they could do is wait for the patient to die before removing the organs.
    (6) you missed the introduction of the Liberal Platform that was quitely removed and placed in storage to be used as a plank at the next LPC leadership convention!

  10. Remember Reagan? Defeated communism? OK, props to Thatcher & JP2, as well. Bush fils scored on his own net in the dying minutes and communism squeaked out a victory just when everyone thought it was over.

  11. 1) The polls are the same. And still don’t matter.

    2) The same people are posting the same things all over Macleans’ blogs.

    3) The only real meaningful issue – whether you’re for or against – has been buried under a ton of trivia.
    4) The Leader reveals a bit of himself from time to time. And to general acclaim. But not from me.

    5)Campaign reporters are still taking numbers and apparently loving it.

    6)Turn around. Scare some more harmless beasts. You’re not missing a thing.

  12. The same people are posting the same things all over Macleans’ blogs.

    All over every blog.

  13. So you were on a fishing trip. What’s Coyne’s excuse? Not even two days of hyperventilating over arts funding could rouse him.

  14. You probably heard it on the radio driving down from Sudbury but the Liberals cut loose their candidate in Kildonan-St.Paul in Winnipeg for anti-semitic 9/11 conspiracy looney-tune comments she wrote on her blog. She was a former CBC radio host.

    The left today harbours most of the anti-semites. So this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  15. Move along down south. Nothing to see here in Canada.

    The American hegemon is having a “heart attack”. It could die (if the bailout of Wall Street and the American oligarchy does NOT pass) or it could be put on life support, if it does.

    As Rome burns, Canadian politicians don’t seem to realize that it makes everything they are saying irrelevant, and well it sort of makes they all look like fools,

  16. Senators in waiting Taber, Van Dusen , and Travers have all but given up and are reconsidering retirement options.

  17. You’re also probably plugged in now but for the rest of the McClean’s blog community:

    Ipsos out today:

    Cons 39
    Libs 23
    NDP 18
    Greens 11

    The Liberal vote is evaporating,” said Darrell Bricker, Ipsos CEO.

    It’s awful early but it sure looks like stick a fork in it time for Dion’s Liberals.

  18. Darrell, whom I adore, was a bit on the high side in the Tories’ favour last time, as I recall. But the Nanos Best PM number for Dion — TEN! — well…

    Tomorrow I get to read the Lib and Green platforms, to atone for my fishicide.

  19. Did you see Palin’s CBS interview yet? She’s turning out to be to McCain what Campbell was to Malroney…

  20. PW–did anyone else say it? Glad to have you back!

    Archangel (formerly known as Mike)

  21. The PM accused his opponents of cheering for a recession today… No more Mr. Nice Guy…

  22. Nothing to add, except that it appears Kady is preparing to publish a book of Nanos and Ekos inspired puns.

    And the entire non-conservative voting public are twisting their minds into pretzels as they try to figure out a way to mobilize the strategic vote into some cohesive force.
    Sort of a national intro course in mathematical “game theory”…

  23. You missed Pinchas and Itzhak on Wednesday at the NAC. It was incredible.

  24. Liberal staffers shouting down journalist questions at a Dion event today was interesting too.

  25. What did you miss? I don’t know, but I will tell you what I learned courtesy of Mike Duffy. Stephane Dion doesn’t eat alot of meat.

  26. But Mr. Wells, Nanos is in agreement with Ipsos today for the top three at least, showing

    CPC: 39%
    LP: 24%
    NDP: 19%

    So.. maybe Ipsos is doing a better job this time around?

  27. Or Harper is…

  28. Main thing you missed was the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre of candidates. If they weren’t exposing themselves to teenagers, they were calling their opponents bad names on Facebook while arguing against their own party line, or calling for the Mohawks to be shot and/or deported (were you there for that?), or blaming Mossad for 9/11, or blaming immigrants for crime (though that guy didn’t resign), or calling for the legalisation of concealed handguns (that was the Tory in my riding!).

    I hope your book on this campaign has a chapter on why we can’t get reasonably serious candidates in so many races.

    You should totally check out the latest Palin video interview on YouTube, though.

  29. It’s not the size of the perch in the fight,

    it’s the size of the fight in the perch.

    Any day spent catching fish is a good day.

  30. You missed seventeen apologies, a few NDP implosions, and Dion’s continued slide into obscurity.

    Oh and the United States is facing the worst economic crisis since 1929. But you saw that one miles away, right? There was an absolutely great panel on BBC (simulcast News/World/Radio/Online) just a day or two ago, on the economic crisis, with some pretty distinguished panelists, in full here. If you have an hour, it really is interesting (to me anyway) and is a quick way to find out exactly how serious it all is. If you like it you should pass it over to Resident Economist Andrew Coyne, too, he’d probably like it even more.

    Anyway. Yeah. I think The National’s red trend line said it all today. Constant slow slide. As far as issues, nothing’s really happened, no one seems to get much traction. Apology, apology, apology, promise you already knew about, apology, red-faced breathless demand for resignation, repeat.

    Oh and some hyperventilating about daily poll numbers. :)

  31. Ooh:

    The survey, conducted for the Toronto Star by Angus Reid Strategies, found that 40 per cent of Canadians would vote Conservative if an election were held tomorrow.

    The Liberals under Stéphane Dion continue to drop, losing core supporters to the Tories as well as to the other parties. For the first time in the campaign, the Liberals and New Democrats, under Jack Layton, are tied at 21 per cent support. The Greens register 7 per cent support nationally.

    That’s going to leave a mark…

  32. The chart on A20 of the Star is interesting. It suggests that since Sept. 11, anyway, Angus has fairly consistently been at the low end of the Liberal range of numbers, and Nanos on the high side. So 21 is a kind of an Angus-sounding number for the Liberals. Mind you, I haven’t the faintest clue which, if any, of these pollsters is “right,” but their methodological differences do seem to be producing consistent differences in result.

    That being said, just aesthetically, it’s kind of amazing to see the number “21” next to the word “Liberal” in a national poll. If that number were accurate, and held until election day, it would mean that Dion had managed to lose fully one-third of the Martin 2006 coalition, which was the second-smallest in Liberal history.

    Perhaps this is expectation management. Now, if Dion loses “only” one Martin voter in five, he’s a saviour.

    Small joke.

  33. The “Large Hadron Collider” is broken btw and won’t be working again till next spring – just in time for walleye opening day.

  34. PW: “That being said, just aesthetically, it’s kind of amazing to see the number “21″ next to the word “Liberal” in a national poll.”

    What knocked my own socks off was seeing Liberals: 21, NDP 21. When was the last time, if ever, that teh NDP was polling at par with the Liberals? 1789?

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