“I am proud of my daughter. I’m just proud of Jodi.”


Dona Cadman walks a fine line.


“I am proud of my daughter. I’m just proud of Jodi.”

  1. She’s proud of her daughter for asking Harper to apologize and she has complete faith in Harper. Difficult to tell where the line is.

  2. I have a hard time articulating the nature of my profound discomfort with Dona Cadman’s new job in the middle of all of this. I can, however, clearly state that I have no idea what the real story is. What a weird situation.

  3. Anybody care to bet the Conservative suit is settled out of court promptly? The Liberals wouldn’t want to pay a libel finding, should one eventualize – and the Conservatives wouldn’t want a finding of fact that the tape was authentic, should *that* eventualize.

  4. “…and the Conservatives wouldn’t want a finding of fact that the tape was authentic, should *that* eventualize.”

    As eventualise it did.

  5. Incidentally, there’s a word for eventualization that I’ve been using for a while; Navigator, you might find it useful: “happen.”

  6. “As eventualise it did”

    I should have made it clear that I meant a finding of fact *by the judge*. An expert opinion is just that: an opinion. But IANAL.

  7. Sorry, quite right. Still, with that kind of testimony in hand I’d be surprised if the Liberals let Harper off the hook. They could use the frivolous lawsuit awards.

    I wonder if the judge will take into account, when ruling on the frivolity, the un-friggin’-believably undemocratic nature of a lawsuit against your political opponents over a statement of fact.

  8. I think the Liberals would be foolish to settle. They’s like this matter in the spotlight as much as possible.

    And shouldn’t an MP have some kind of responsibility to her constituents about her party committing, y’know, fraud? Lie if you have to, but “i’m not taking questions” is pretty pathetic.

  9. I think the good lady can see Russia from where she lives.

  10. Navigator, Harper already tried to settle out of court and when talks broke down he slapped his “misappropriation of personality” lawsuit on top. That struck me as panic. I suppose if Harper offered the LIberals enough money, they might settle because of their poor fundraising efforts, but otherwise they benefit from having this in the news.

    Harper is cheap — look how much he has exploited ten percenters and dramatically increased partisan government polling, despite strong CPC fundraising, and recall how he tried to get out of paying Riddell despite the deal they made — which makes settling out of court less likely.

  11. When she was interviewed on election night, she didn’t sound too intelligent. Perhaps she was just tired and guarded, but I was thinking ‘Oh dear, another meat puppet for the Conservative caucus.’

  12. Hey! Who could ask for a better job?

    Great pay. Great benefits. Loads of holiday time. A pension to die for. And no experience necessary.

    And, as a part of the CPC, the less you do and say, the more qualified you are to be a part of their team.

    Why would anyone want to jeopardize something like this by…oh…I don’t know…doing something on behalf of the country?


  13. The good name of her husband and those friends of his not important to Mrs Cadman?

    So – all she has to do is sit on her bum and say yes and no to whatever Harper tells her – and we the taxpayers have to pay for this.

  14. “They could use the frivolous lawsuit awards.”


    no law against fair comment

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