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I can’t stop looking at this crazy toddler-snatching eagle


So this happened, unless it’s fake.


(source: Buzzfeed)

UPDATE: Gawker’s pretty sure it’s fake.

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I can’t stop looking at this crazy toddler-snatching eagle

  1. Certainly possible….they’ve made off with small dogs before. However there is the weight, and the wiggle factor. Probably an eagle ‘overreaching’. Or miscalculating.

    But….in the age of photo shop you just can’t tell anymore

    • It’s a hell of a video if it’s real..

      ..and if it’s fake.. it’s still a hell of a video.. just in a different way.

  2. I dunno. Looks suspect to me. Eagles are generally carrion eaters, although they can be opportunistic. And if you’ve ever seen a close up of a bald eagles tallons, you’d find it hard to believe the tyke wouldn’t have a scratch on him.

    • Around here the eagles hunt and kill loons and other water birds.

      There are lots of stories about birds of prey starving for some reason this year. A number of years ago there was a die off of the ungulate population and my daughter came home from school telling of a cougar that hung around on the edge of the school fields. A hungry animal will take chances that in better times they would avoid.

  3. It’s an outtake from The Hobbit. I believe the eagle’s name is Thorondor. It looks better at 48 fps.

  4. It’s Montreal. Everything is possible. Eagle probably works for the mob.

  5. Just so I’m clear on this, does the Eagle represent the Harper CONs, or the Fiberals, or the NDP nickname I can’t remember right now?

  6. In 2008, a show-off photo was picked up by a blogger and went viral. It was hilarious for those of us who knew how it was done to listen in on the “experts” explain how the hoax was carried out.

    I kinda hope this one is real, hell of a line for the toddler to talk about later when he starts to go to bars:.
    “Once I flew with the eagles but now …”

  7. My best guess at this point? Real bird, fake video.

    If I had to put money on it, I’d say it’s a trained falconer’s bird picking up a fake toddler. Still an impressive hoax (if that’s what it is) but it’s not necessarily CGI.

    CGI is so good these days that if you can “prove” it’s not CGI (no artifacts, holds up to frame by frame analysis) then people think that means it’s “real”. Good special effects and stunts existed before computers.