I for one will be amazed if this works


So the boss told me to buy a video camera for the campaign. We test-drove it today at 24 Sussex for the big meeting between Stephen Harper and Stéphane Dion. Let’s go to the video:

[wpvideo WwAxFy5e]

Oh well, it’s a start. More vlogging to come, along with plenty of the old-fashioned word-blogging, during the campaign ahead.


I for one will be amazed if this works

  1. Nicely edited on your part, but I really don’t like the idea. Most people will be at work during the day and unable to play the audio. Once they are at home, they probably have the tv on in the background and don’t want the audio. You will reach many more people and spend much less time if you stick to writing.

  2. Bah. People at work have headphones.

    Keep on vlogging, I say!

  3. It would be much faster to read a post than play the video.

  4. Interesting!

    I suggest getting a microphone. It was a bit hard to hear you at times, Paul.

  5. Nice work! I especially like the way you brought in the silver-haired guy quite quickly and just let him run with it. Very David Lynch.

  6. That was kind of fun. Amateur hour combined with real political reporting! You make me feel like I could do this — that isn’t an insult, though I guess it isn’t much of a compliment either…

    You could get a microphone. Video seems so much less substantive than words, though… I suppose that’s just a reflex from years of crappy 60-second television reports, though.

  7. Um, I have dial-up, so although I encourage the effort, I hope you spend a fair amount of time word-blogging as well.

  8. This is absolutely fantastic. It’s great to see more members of the press diving into further avenues of online journalism.

    I look forward to further videos.

  9. Though though though. This is why I’m not a columnist. I need little blue squigglies that appeal whenever I overuse a word.

  10. (Appear. sigh.)

  11. What make/model of camera are you using? Maybe someone in the audience can suggest a good microphone option if we know what you’re shooting with. Good luck with the experiment!

  12. The word press encoding for the video doesn’t seem to work nearly as good as youtube, or even a straight quicktime imbed. Maybe 2 minutes would be a good goal to edit things down to, or at least once your on the trail and possibly doing numerous ones of these a day.

  13. Well.. I’m going to take the opposite view of Jason. The idea is a good one.

  14. Nice attempt, Paul. But I would ask your editors: Why bother doing this when web-savvy readers can get better quality video of the entire news conference from other outlets that specialize in video? Like say, CTV or CBC, for example.

    I think where Maclean’s Canadian political blog coverage really excels is with your long-term perspective analysis and Kady O’Malley’s live-blogging saturation coverage of committee meetings, press conferences, etc. Stick to what works.

  15. m-i-c-r-o-p-h-o-n-e. please.

  16. Thumbs down.

    The Irregulars come here for your writing. Video seems so much less engaging…

    Please don’t let it get in the way of your blog!

    PS – The Pollievre button, ROTFL!

  17. I like it.
    I don’t think you need completely replace text with video but I find it very helpful to have AV cues to set context and to show the flavor of any given encounter. Key points in video, analysis in text. Keep up the excellent work and practice with that gear. As someone else mentioned, YouTube might be better and more versatile.

  18. Off topic, sort of. Dion is amazing. Someone in the press gallary lobs a complete softball at him – “What will be the ballot question in the election?”. Perfect time to hit the ground running with whatever succint campaign message or theme that he thinks will win this thing for him. And he proceeds to rattle off a dozen little points of minutae. I guess it really isn’t that easy to make priorities.

  19. Use a smaller size for the embed. It’ll look better.

  20. There was something wrong with the audio of Dion, I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

    Good frame composition for a novice. There are many portable digital camera/recorders on the market that will deliver far superior picture quality. But … why? There are plenty of folks out there who can point a Camera and occasionally crack wise. There are fewer and fewer who can write. I think busying you with the former is a waste of scant resources available for the later.

  21. I can’t see anything, there is just a big white space. I use firefox, not sure if that is problem or not, but I rarely see the photos/movies in Wells or O’Malley’s posts.

  22. Hey JWL… consider (re)installing Flash Player.

  23. Thanks Scott M. I will see what I can do.

  24. Maybe you have the NoScript add-on for FireFox?
    In which case you have to actively “allow” for scripts to run in order to view video.
    Maybe your techie buddies in the War Room can help?

  25. Netiquette question: Should I be making this comment with a video upload?

  26. Everybody Youtube their comments! Whee! That’s fighting fire with fire.

    De, thanks for the compliment on composition. I had a pro give me a 5-minute crash course, and I tried to keep all the lessons in my head while I was doing it.

    I do appreciate all the comments, including the criticisms. For those who really hate the video thing, do not fear that I will abandon words. Not gonna happen. Words are FAR easier to manipulate. For those with other concerns, I’ll try to address them as I continue to toy with this new form.

  27. Thumbs-up, and if you can improve the audio, even better.

  28. I so appreciate that Macleans has made its news and stories available free and online and am delighted with the addition of the blogs and the use of other Web-based technologies. For people like myself, with no TV, no radio, and income too low to include magazine subscriptions, the Internet is the only means by which we can get stay connected to the world beyond our communities.

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