‘I say better a Rae Day than a Harper lifetime’


So Bob Rae delivered an interesting speech this afternoon.

Reaction and coverage from the GlobeCBC and iPoliticsHere is my stray thought as I listened to the first third of his remarks. And here, for a more considered opinion, is our John Geddes’ take on the situation.


‘I say better a Rae Day than a Harper lifetime’

  1. He raised spending by 15% compared to the Ambulance Chaser’s 40%? Seriously? Looking forward to any partisan CPC feedback on THAT little gem. 

  2. Do any pols and/or msm care what Ontario electorate think of Rae?

    Left and right wing people spit and cross themselves when we talk about legacy of Rae here in Ontario. Good luck, Lib partisans, rejuvenating your party with clapped out geriatric leadership and ideology you peddling. 

    Globe/Mail ~ Apr 2011 ~ Is Legacy of Rae’s Days In Power Keeping Jack Back? 

    With six days left before election day, one of the big questions of this campaign is whether the federal NDP surge in Quebec will jump the Ottawa River. So far, it hasn’t happened. All these years later, some question whether Bob Rae’s tumultuous five years as an NDP premier could be what’s holding Jack back.

    Now in his 11th campaign, Mr. Rae is largely a low-profile Ontario road warrior, door-knocking with Liberal candidates in well-known electoral hot spots. As one might expect, he strongly dismisses any suggestion that he’s a drag on the competition.

    But others say Mr. Rae’s five years in office might be why Ontarians are reluctant to get solidly behind the federal NDP Leader.“I’m not sure what else could explain why the NDP numbers aren’t up in Ontario,” said pollster Nik Nanos. “I think it’s completely fair to say that part of the NDP brand in Ontario relates to the experience of the NDP provincial government.”

    • Some of don’t like what the Harris government has contributed to the federal scene. 

  3. Are those two choices really our only options, Rae-day or Harper lifetime? Is he now suggesting that he is the only person fit to lead the Liberals?

    For the record, Rae wore out his welcome in one mandate, while Harper is now on his third, attained with incremental increases in popular vote and seat count each time.

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