‘I speak here as a Quebecer’


Maxime Bernier doubles down on his criticism of Bill 101.

Some people say I am not a “real Quebecer” and are accusing me of “attacking Quebec” simply because I want to be more popular in the rest of Canada. They seem unable to conceive that it’s possible to have a different position than theirs on the basis of fundamental principles.

My position is this: Yes, it’s important that Quebec remain a predominantly French-language society. And ideally, everyone in Quebec should be able to speak French. But we should not try to reach this goal by restricting people’s rights and freedom of choice.


‘I speak here as a Quebecer’

  1. Romeo Saganash is trilingual. Seasoned lawyer, seasoned politician . He will appeal more to the masses. People will come.!. Those that haven’t voted before, they will come. The people will move from PC to NDP. The media will follow him like a hungry news hounds, the world will stay awake in anticipation. Go ROMEO GO!!!

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