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‘I stand by comments opposing the CNOOC purchase of Nexen’


James Bezan issues a statement Nexen and this week’s iPolitics story about the situation at the Selkirk Record.

“The dismissal of a reporter from the Selkirk Record was an independent decision made by her publisher.”   

“The story in iPolitics is misleading and has taken my replies to Ms. Winzoski out of context.  The fact is that Ms. Winzoski’s correspondence was specifically about the Canada-China Foreign Investment Partnership and Protection Agreement (FIPA).  Inadvertently, my office forwarded her my reply on the China National Offshore Oil Co. (CNOOC) and Nexen deal.  When my staff realized they had sent the wrong reply, they issued a recall and sent her my response on FIPA.”

“These are two different issues.  My reply on Canada-China FIPA was taken out of context and implied that I had changed my position on CNOOC.  I fully support FIPA and ensuring Canadian businesses and their investments in China are protected.    I stand by my comments opposing the CNOOC purchase of Nexen and have expressed my concerns to Minister Paradis and cabinet.   Minister Paradis will make his decision in due course based upon Canadian laws and what’s in the best interest for Canada.”


‘I stand by comments opposing the CNOOC purchase of Nexen’

  1. Doesn’t change the fact that he bullied the paper into firing her, and they are out of line too. It’s all about bullying these days.

  2. That’s actually a good answer wrt FIPA vs. Nexen. Could be true, I mean. However, the comment about the newspaper making the decision to fire the reporter is stupid. Of COURSE the newspaper made the decision–she didn’t work for Bezan. That is not to say he didn’t threaten them with financial loss if they didn’t fire her, which I guess is more important to the Selkirk Record than integrity.
    So, let’s try again, James.

    • Dear Jill,

      Thank you for sharing your concerns and expressing your apprehensions
      regarding the bid by China National Offshore Oil Co. (CNOCC) to take
      over the publicly traded Canadian oil company, Nexen. This is an
      important subject that I am quite concerned about…

      Is it really? Something still doesn’t add up. Why then does Bezan start his first email this way, if as he says the article took him out of context? He specifically states that her correspondence was only about FIPPA? If he wrote or dictated the contents of that email his explanation is frankly bizarre.

      The fact that Harris only selectively quotes from the so called correct email doesn’t help, and neither does the fact that the paper refuses to divulge the contents of Bezans final email that got her fired. Finally when you consider all this sea change occurred directly after the PMO received her petition you can see reason to be suspicious.
      How can we just take Bezan’s[ or Harris’] word for it under these circumstances? I hope Harris writes a follow up to this.

      • Yes, that would be best. And you’ll note I did say COULD be true, not is true or something more definitive. (P.S.-Facebook friends?)