‘I take full responsibility’


The CRTC has fined the Liberal riding association in Guelph for an inappropriate robocall made by Frank Valeriote’s campaign during the last election. Frank Valeriote is apologetic.

“I accept the findings of the CRTC regarding the election call placed by my campaign designed to educate Guelph voters about specific policy differences between myself and an opponent. We were unaware of certain requirements and inadvertently neglected to include some identifying features in the message, such as a phone number and address. When I first learned of the errors in the call earlier this year, I was fully and immediately cooperative with the CRTC; I take full responsibility and apologize for the infringement.

“This has been an important learning experience, not just for me, but for all MPs and future candidates. Consequently, I have volunteered to do whatever I can to assist the CRTC to educate MPs, candidates and their staff to the full extent of regulations governing calls and the use of auto-dialers. It is important for these types of investigations to take place regularly to ensure that Canadians are aware of our rules and that they are respected.”


‘I take full responsibility’

  1. Projection is a fascinating thing.

    • Especially when the term is used accurately by someone who knows what it actually means.

      • You’re not very smart. This is a classic case of projection.

        • And you’re qualified to make this psychoanalytic diagnosis on the basis of a media account? I may not be smart but, unlike you, I’m not presumptuous.

          • It doesn’t take a doctorate in psychology to spot such an obvious example of projection.

          • Evidently not. I seem to have uncovered a whole nest of self-appointed authorities on the topic

          • Nobody’s claiming to be an authority; I’d say all we’re claiming is to be equipped with reasonable powers of observation.
            And btw, projection is not a “psychoanalytic diagnosis”. It’s a behavioural practice or trait which may or may not be symptomatic of a particular mental illness, such as a personality disorder. E.g., people with borderline personality disorder frequently do it.

          • I beg to differ. Projection was a defense mechanism first postulated by Sigmund Freud and later appropriated by ego psychology. So, in its origins, it is a psychoanalytic construct.

            And, in any event, I fail to see how it’s relevant in this context. But, since I’m dealing with an expert here, you would undoubtedly call that denial.

    • Yeah, it`s definitely projection.

  2. Nice to see someone taking responsibility, but they should have made a bigger effort to ensure these kinds of errors don’t occur in the first place.

  3. I have no problem with banning robocalls; if you want to call voters, call them in person. Don’t campaigns have fleets of volunteer for that stuff?

  4. THAT’s accountability.

  5. Wow, finally a break in the case. Aren’t we supposed to have a new byelection in Guelph now? I recall many of Wherry’s fans claiming that illegal robocalls invalidate an election. Where are they now?

    • You might want to follow Wherry’s inappropriate robocall link, above. It nicely explains the difference between what happened here, and what is alleged to have happened in the incidents under investigation by Elections Canada.

      • Of course there’s a difference. There’s always a difference. The difference is that this crime was committed by a Liberal.

        • once thoughtful, your replies have now joined the partisan mire

      • You will find a lot of disingenuous hair splitting from lying right wing types on this file – almost as much as on the issue of conservative co-alitions being okey-dokey but liberal ones somehow illegitimate.