‘I tend to react a little strongly’


Justin Trudeau, asked after QP yesterday what his father would say about his outburst.

He would say that he was disappointed that I had to stoop to language that was unparliamentary, but I know that he would have probably been pleased that I was sticking up for someone else, it wasn’t something that I was attacked on myself. It was something that I can take an awful lot directed at myself. When someone attacks someone else in a way that is decidedly unfair and disrespectful, I tend to react a little strongly.

Here, for the record, is his explanation (and apology) for what happened.

Peter Kent, in answer to a question from Megan Leslie, the NDP environment critic, actually had the temerity, the gall to chide her in his patronizing way for not having attended the conference in Durban and if she had, she would have seen how well he was doing as Minister of the Environment. What incensed me to a tremendous degree and caused me to lose my temper and use language that is absolutely unparliamentary and was not worthy of the House in which we stand was that Peter Kent and the government, in contrast to all parliamentary tradition going back 20 years, had refused to allow any members of the opposition to attend the Durban conference, the COP17 conference on the environment. This is a tradition that goes back 20 years of bringing multiple voices to a conference. He did not, they did not. So when he chided her for not attending Durban, I lost my temper, I lost my cool and I used language for which I apologize out here and apologized in the House.


‘I tend to react a little strongly’

  1. Shorter Trudeau:

    I apologize for my unduly accurate description of the Minister.

  2. “And so it was fitting Wednesday that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird – his tongue firmly in his cheek – intervened after the endless apologies for using unparliamentarily language, the bickering and heckling.

    “Mr. Speaker, I would like to just wish everyone a merry Christmas and peace on earth,” he said and sat down.”

  3. More people outside the house of commons should be reacting a little strongly to the bullcrap the Cons spout on a daily basis —

  4. It’s ironic (poetic?) that after whiffing on Trudeau’s ozone question a few weeks back, Kent bounces back with the single most ballsy, arrogant, provocative comment so far of the session (and I don’t necessarily mean that as a criticism, ’cause the evil part of me admires that kind of witty yet unabashed cockiness) — and Trudeau’s the one who blows his top, drops an s-bomb and has to apologize.

    But the ancient Greeks wrote plays about the kind of hubris Kent displayed yesterday. It’ll come back ’round and bite him in the ass. It always has, and it always does.

    • And soon, we can only hope. It sure didn’t take him long to become another insufferable pain in the ass, among the ranks of many on the government side.

  5. I gotta admit, while the language was far from appropriate I’ve got a fair bit of sympathy for Trudeau on this one. That was a ballsy comment by Kent.

    • Are you feeling okay John? Between this and your interest in the campaign against Mr. Cotler, I’m worried.

      • LOL. I guess I’m in a giving mood for the holidays.

        Yes I’m fine. Believe it or not Aaron, although I do approach things from a “c”onservative point of view I’m not a blindly partisan defender of the CPC, I don’t have a CPC membership, have never donated to the party, and I don’t have much use for people who are blind partisans on either side. Prior to the most recent election I posted on these boards that I hoped Clement, Paradis, and Oda all went down to defeat for conduct unbecoming; take that for what it’s worth.

        I still think a lot of what gets written about them here in particular and elsewhere in our media is leftist sour grapes, hyperbolic, and not worth the time, and I believe that the CPC is held to a ridiculously different standard on personal behaviour than the other parties, but I’ve got no problem calling out the CPC when I think they’ve stepped in it too, and this Cotler nonsense really bothered me.

        • Except the CPC said they would be different, not worse.

  6. OK, enough Justin——-I/m bored

    Wake me up when he does something earth-shattering—like switch over to the NDP.

  7. More importantly, is Mr. Trudeau still married?  And if so, why is his wife allowing him to go out in public looking like Capt. Jack Sparrow?

    • New tack on the talking points from the PMO?

    • Yes. Far more important we concentrate on how Mr. Trudeau looks than what prompted his outburst isn’t it..

      ..at least for those of you who don’t want us to see what prompted his outburst.

    • “More importantly, is Mr. Trudeau still married?”

      Maybe not after his comedic turn on “22 minutes” (asking for Santa’s naughty girl list for his birthday).

      • So this is how the CPC rumour mill starts?

    • I find it fascinating the interest Conservative men have in Trudeau’s looks. 

      • Jealousy? Or lust?

        • Enquiring minds would love to know…

  8. The ole’ man would have claimed he said “snit”, not “s**t” and then given the finger to the west.

      • I will rephrase:

        “…given the finger to shouting protesters expressing a widely held western view”.

        • So, you’re ignorant asses.

          • Oh stop with the flattery!

          • And you guys wonder why you have such a cloddish image across Canada.

          • We don’t wonder at all – we embrace our truth.  You GTA weenies could learn a lesson.

          • You embrace your truth. Kindly don’t include me in it.

        • Your bigotry is not a ‘widely held western view’.

          • You’re right – I hear a lot more french spoken around here than I ever hear in Richmond or Shaughnessy (or Salmon Arm, for that matter).

          • He’s probably really a hired commenter who grew up in Toronto. They never understand what real Albertans are thinking.

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