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‘I think Canadians are fed up’


Jack Layton promises a measured opposition.

The NDP will ask “tough” questions but will not resort to “antics.” “That certainly is my commitment. Our party didn’t have a reputation of being mad dogs in the House of Commons. We tended to be, I think, pretty well-controlled when it comes to the heckling that goes on. I feel that it is vitally important that the whole tone of Parliament change. I think Canadians are fed up with the kind of juvenile behaviour that we were seeing.”

Presumably this means no more puppet shows.


‘I think Canadians are fed up’

  1. How can one be possibly fed up with ‘antics’?  My dictionary defines an antic as “a playful trick or prank; caper”.  Why must you take the joy out of Parliament, Jack?

  2. I have one word for Jack Layton (actually, two): Pat Martin. 

    • Do you also go to comedy clubs and repeat the punchline out loud after the comedian has already finished telling the joke?

      • “Take my wife, please!  Hilarious!”

  3. Excellent ALTROU. Pat Martin is indeed the devil in the details for poor Jack.

    • Funny, as soon as I read Wherry’s blog entry, Pat Martin came immediately to mind.  I come on to the comments, and I see that two others already spotted the idiocy in Jack’s statement.  Of course, Jack himself is the one who accused Paul Martin of killing homeless people.  That was real classy too.

  4. If many of the new young (perhaps even impressionable) rookie NDP MPs are looking to Thomas Mulcair to be their role model, then Jack would do well to Jeffrey Simpson’s column today.

    In the short term, the amount of turnover in this election will probably tone things down a little in the house.  

    • One step in the right direction:  replacing Mark Holland with Chris Alexander. 

      • If only we could have replace John Baird and Pierre Poillievre.  

  5. As I’ve said in previous posts, this ‘little’ Brosseau un-named staffer thing is something the conservatives will bring up on a rainy day. Do the NDP intend to be shining light of transparency, moral and ethical rectitude? Wait for it (dark music please):

    ‘Brosseau: she didn’t return to Quebec for you.’
    ‘Brosseau: just altering.’ 
    And Brosseau appears to be a very promising MP. The videos shows she is connecting well with her constituents. One could conjecture maybe party leader in 6-7 years. But 
    Bev Oda owned up as the de facto author of the ^NOT affair. We don’t really need to know her staffer’s name. What Oda did appears to be an extremely sloppy way of handling non-public documents, but she’s put her sins behind her. The NDP, for some strange reason, has been able to fly this strange diploma anomaly under the radar. The bloggers don’t care, the journalists don’t care. Nobody seems to notice, but friends I’ve discussed this with see the problem very clearly. 
    Until I have the name of the (NDP-claimed) staffer, the suspicion will lie with Brosseau herself. To be really, really blunt.