‘I think in this game I’m in, eating properly is the most important thing’


Michael Ignatieff: Not a dessert eater.

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‘I think in this game I’m in, eating properly is the most important thing’

  1. Phew! I was a beginning to worry that our media had declined to the point where not a single journalist would cover what Iggy has for breakfast. My faith has been restored.

    • It’s Aaron’s Iggy obsession again.

      • Whats there to write about the Harper? He hasn’t been out of the CONservative bunker since prorogue.

        Besides Iggy is more interesting to read about than the sub-human strategies and attack tactics of the coward-misleader.

  2. Wow: I have to say, I never wondered about that.

  3. At some point the phrase ” just desserts ” might come into play.

  4. I love it – especially the skipping of the eggs because let’s face it Iggy got all the protein he needed by greasing the chute that he pushed Dion down all the while standing behind him saying go Stephanie go I’m 100% behind you against evil meanie Stevie and your brilliant idea of a coalition is just what we need (all the while leaking a little this and that about his misgivings pertaining to such a concept immediately after an election). But then again now we are current and he has to do his level best and with puffed up self-righteous mouth full of size 15 shoe about keeping Harper in line while the rug inches out from under him and Jack is nowhere to be found to catch him as he is too busy reading the fine print on the roll of paper where the coalition details were written … that are now lining the seat in the oppostion leaders stall.

    • Need a paper bag, Wayne?

      • No – the Gravol took care of the nausea

    • There’s no protein in grease.

      Seriously, don’t try so hard.

    • You managed to say coalition without saying “with the separatists”. I would say that is some small hope, but you probably just forgot your talking points.

      • Socialists !! Socialists !! Dammit , people keep forgetting the Socialists ! Even Newman forgets the Socialists. Only Our Leader remembers them when he wants to scare the natives.

      • I’d simply appreciate if Wayne could use more than two periods in nine lines of text. At least on the odd occasion when Kady does it, it a) makes sense; and b) is funny.

        • Hey, cut our boy Wayne some slack. All proper names were capitalized. And the two sentences he did have both began with a capital letter. It takes time for these things to become a habit, and he’s quite obviously working on it.

          Good effort, Wayne!