‘I want my Canada back’


Ken Dryden’s speech to the Liberal rally in Toronto two nights ago.

Michael Ignatieff’s remarks are here.


‘I want my Canada back’

  1. You've hacked and flacked and spun and propagandized for your boys for years now, Aaron, and here they are, about to be consigned to the crapper of history. Soon there won't even be any libs left to give you a job. You're a miserable failure.

    • Give it a couple weeks, and Wherry will be shamelessly shilling for the NDP like the Liberals never existed. It's not like he has any core principles beyond Destroy Stephen Harper, after all.

    • No, people will read his "rise up" piece, and be so inspired they'll watch Iggy's town hall – and then vote Liberal. The Liberals will win a majority, and Aaron will get a Pulitzer prize and a senate appointment. He'll win the lottery too, but considering what a roll he's on, he'll give the money to a good cause… building a giant statue of Ignatieff.

  2. Mr. Dryden, I trust you realize that such a phrase belies, at worst, a most distasteful authoritarian streak, and, at best, a whiny toddler streak? It is not just your Canada, sir. It is our Canada. And you can't have all of us just the way you want us.

    • As opposed to the 'Harper govt'?

      • But moooooommmmmmmmmm, they did it first!

        • Why are you quoting Harper?

    • Dryden is one of the most loathsome politicians in Canada, for precisely this reason. It's the same Canada. Your neighbours are the same. They still get stuck in traffic, respond to April rain by saying "At least it's not snow", obsess over the NHL playoffs, watch lots of American TV, pay their taxes, and enjoy our many social programs. They also vote for parties other than yours sometimes. It's politics, sh!t happens, get over yourself.


    Great speech!

    • OMG

      Like, totally!

      • Ohfershure..

        • Sexist.

          Cats away!

    • Yes. Was Michael Ignatieff listening? There were some nice phrases in there.

  4. Dryden's riding has been hit by the character assassination/misinformation firing squad. I was moved by Dryden description of this, where the smears and lies appear so rapidly that he said you don't even have time to refute one before the next one arrives. He said it just wasn't possible to correct all the misinformation, so he is instead focussing on the positive and getting his message out and hoping for the best. Perhaps won't be enough, but I'm proud of him for not firing back in kind. Sometimes you can win the battle and lose something priceless. Better to lose the battle.

    I was at the speech he gave on this video and felt his experience with all this has stirred a strong passion in him.

    • He needs to show this passion more often

      And it's the best way ever to combat dogwhistle poitics

  5. Thank God this isn't Ken Dryden's Canada; this isn't the Liberal party's Canada; it's the people's Canada. If Dryden and Liberals didn't get that message in the last two elections, they'll certainly get it in this one. And rightfully so.

    • It's all of ours Canada, yours, mine, Wherry's, Dryden's,… Dryden spoke was many people were feeling and those who weren't, soon were because of Dryden't passion.

      • Oh, I'm sure Dryden is passionate about Liberals wanting power again. I'm just glad it's up to actual Canadians to decide.

    • Your Canada has way too low standards for some of us Canadians. I'd rather have Ken's back too

      • Freedom is a low standard, is it? Believing Liberals like you and Dryden don't own Canada and can't force yourselves on us is a low standard, is it? You know, it's that kind of attitude that in part explains the current standing of the Liberal party of Canada. Enjoy your status as political irrelevancies. It would seems you have earned it and then some.

  6. A great goaltender, a writer of interesting books, a good man. He deserves better.

    • Why? Montreal, Boring Book, Liberal.

    • There are lots of good men and women who don't win in elections. It's nice that a good man like Ken Dryden won in the past, but the ultimate decision on who people should vote for depends on many factors of which only one is whether the candidate is a "good man". My choice will first consider the policies of the party of the candidate, followed by some consideration of the particular candidate.That's simply the way our system works.

  7. Unfortunately, my Canada died before PET completely wrecked it.

  8. Hey Aaron, how about another fifty posts about whether Oda could have remembered a single "not" in one of a thousand documents….

    while we ponder the…apparently insignificant …prospect of a group of socialist NDP wackos imposing an economy destroying tax and spend regime on us all.

    A magnifying glass to the right and a blind eye to the left is all fun and games, until someone loses and eye…..or the entire liberal party apparatus…to far leftist ideologues willing to pave the road to a Canadian Hell with smiling good intentions.

    • Personally, I'm eager to hear more about that student who was booted out of a rally and unfriended on Facebook by the Conservatives. The G & M found it necessary to publish nine (that's '9') articles on it before I lost track. Clearly the issue needs more of an airing.

  9. It must really suck to be a CRAP Troll this week.

    • But just imagine what it will be like next week . . .

  10. I take back what I said about the Libs not having any more leadership talent waiting in the wings. Ken Dryden for PM!

  11. excellent speech by someone who loves Canada.

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