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‘I want to see what’s the most they can do’


In the wake of the Danzig shooting, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wants a meeting with the Prime Minister.

But he says the federal government has to send a message through the Criminal Code. “Three years for possession of a handgun? That’s nonsense. They should do some serious, hard time, and not come back here,” said the mayor, who promised to pressure the prime minister to lengthen the sentence. “I want to see what’s the most they can do. They can do really whatever they want because they have a majority government, and I’m going to put pressure on them because it’s affecting our city more than any other city in Canada.”

I’m told Ford’s office has asked for a meeting and the Prime Minister’s Office is working to schedule one.


‘I want to see what’s the most they can do’

  1. ‘The most they can do’ eh?….

    Well….I suppose there’s always keelhauling. Or maybe crucifixion…very popular at one time……or even possibly the ‘hang, draw and quarter’ solution…..

    Or, they could maybe do something sensible…and human…..

  2. The US waged a war on drugs and crime and ended up with the highest crime and incarceration rate among developed countries. (Harper is importing this failed policy despite warnings from Americans.)

    The root causes of crime and gang violence are poverty and inequality of which the US also scores the highest among developed countries.

    OECD public social spending rank:
    Austria #3, Germany #6, Norway #13, Canada #23, US #25

    Inequality (Gini index – world):
    Austria #13, Germany #9, Norway #5, Canada #32, US #88

    US homicide rate:
    3X Canada’s; 6X Germany’s; 7X Norway’s; 8X Austria’s

  3. “Throwing the book” at people who use guns is closing the barn door after the horse is gone. Ford would have more credibility if he demanded that the Feds put some serious effort into preventing illegal guns from getting into the country & increasing penalties for those caught smuggling guns.