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‘I will absolutely guarantee you that I won’t be talking about the carbon tax’

Brent Rathgeber explains himself


Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber talks to Global.

You’ll never hear Conservative backbencher Brent Rathgeber using his precious time in the House of Commons to talk about the NDP’s $21-billion carbon tax. “I will absolutely guarantee you that I won’t be talking about the carbon tax,” he said in an interview Wednesday. For one thing, he doesn’t think it’s accurate.

So what does he think of fellow Conservative MPs’ repeated statements about said “job-killing” tax? “I don’t like them at all.”

As to the Backbench Spring, the Canadian Press wonders where the opposition MPs are.


‘I will absolutely guarantee you that I won’t be talking about the carbon tax’

  1. The more I hear this guy, the more I like him. This is the way all MPs — both sides of the house — should handle their business. For anyone concerned about the concentration of power in the PMO (and not just this PMO, but any future PMO), this guy is a breath of fresh air. He gets it.

  2. I don’t understand why Justin doesn’t jump on this bandwagon. It seems to me that he could explain a lot about himself and his promised style of governing by echoing Rathgeber and other CPC MP’s.

    Why is Justin not taking this opportunity?

    • Judging from the theme/subject matter of many of your comments, you seem to have some kind of fascination with JT. Classical psychoanalytic reaction formation, perhaps?

    • https://justin.ca/democratic-reform-trusting-canadians/

      Some of the proposals here would suggest that he is ‘jumping on the bandwagon’. (Of course, whether any of these reforms come to pass in reality should he ever become PM is another question altogether — I’ve been fooled by promises of democratic reform before — but, on paper at least, they are steps in the right direction.)

      • Yes, I understand that Justin is all about democratic reform, yet , when the opening is there right in front of him to mold the iron when the fire is hot, he does not grab the occasion. That is what I cannot understand.

        • Why doesn’t Rathgeber come out and endorse Trudeau’s democratic reform ideas? After all, as a party leader, Trudeau might be in a position to implement those reforms… Rathgeber can only lead by example.

          • Good question about why Rathgeber would not come out to endorse JT’s democratic reform ideas.

            But let me ask this question to answer yours: When will Justin fill in the specifics?

            Why, I might even support JT democratic reform ideas if those ideas were more substantial and realistic, and if JT could be trusted to tout them at any given opportunity. But why would I trust JT at this point in time, when given the opportunity to speak out on democratic reform now that such topic is being debated in the public realm he tell us nothing to speak of.

          • Don’t ask me, I don’t trust him do anything. Actually, even if he does get more specific between now and the next election, I still won’t believe him. I’m at the point where a politician is going to have actually DO something in this regard before they get a thumbs-up from me.

          • There is merit to what you are saying. Actions do speak louder than words.

            Yet, I do understand that perfection cannot be delivered nor be had by anyone.

            Our Canadian politics leaves a lot to be desired, no doubt about that. But I think that the public at large plays a role here as well, in that the public at large could probably be best described as ‘ill informed’. And therefore we will get the politics we deserve!

  3. This guy sounds more and more like he’s one of the few members of the CPC caucus who are truly worthy of the appellation honourable.

  4. I honestly can’t recall if this was the guy who was captured on film telling his riding association he’d resign and sit as an independent over omnibus bills or not.

    • Seriously, was it the same guy? If not, who am I thinking of?

      • Different guy, you’re thinking of BC MP David Wilks.