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‘I will be fully exonerated’


In the process of making an unrelated announcement yesterday, Dean Del Mastro emerged to plead innocence and lament for the questions being raised about his campaign. And also to proclaim the Prime Minister’s greatness.

He spoke about the effect of the allegations on the Del Mastro name, that of his late father, which appears on the sign above his family`s car dealership. “This does bother me. I grew up a poor farm kid,” he said. “We didn’t have a lot growing up. My two heroes in my life were my mother and father.”

But he said he was bolstered by the prime minister`s ongoing support. “I think Prime Minister Harper is the greatest leader in the industrialized world,” he said. “I`ve always appreciated the trust he placed in me.”

As to matter of the cheques to employees of his cousin’s company, Mr. Del Mastro apparently deferred questions to his cousin (said cousin subsequently declined to speak with the Citizen). As to the question of whether Mr. Del Mastro has been contacted by Elections Canada, the Citizen reports that the agency offered to take a “cautioned statement” that could be used against him in court, but Mr. Del Mastro declined. He apparently called the Peterborough Examiner to explain.

After an early version of this story appeared at www.peterboroughexaminer.com, Del Mastro called The Examiner, repeating that he would not agree to meet with Elections Canada if a cautioned statement is a requirement. “It’s not a dialogue,” he said. “It’s questions without a back-and-forth dialogue. I have to have a process.”

Del Mastro said repeatedly he wants “a process” for dealing with the allegations, and that hasn’t come yet. “If (Elections Canada) wants to come to Peterborough to interview me, I’d be happy to do so,” he said. “I can’t clear my name through a cautioned statement.”

While Del Mastro told The Examiner weeks ago that he would release documents proving his innocence, he has not done so, and said again Wednesday that he wouldn’t. “I’m not going to prove it to the media, and I don’t think I should have to,” he said. “If I thought The Peterborough Examiner could defend me, clear me of this, I would do it,” he said.


‘I will be fully exonerated’

  1. lol – what a lying rat

  2. The reason Del Asstro doesn’t want to talk to Elections Canada is pretty clear, he doesn’t want to get caught lying. As for his cousin, David Del Asstro, refusing to talk, he’s just no spin doctor like Dean. If these two where so innocent they’d be doing anything and everything to clear their names, but all they do is hide, make promises and then excuses as to why they don’t take action. If they where innocent, I’m sure they could have cleared it up by now.

    @The Del Asstros
    If you want to stop hurting your family name, stop being crooks, and confess to your crimes, other wise family name won’t be worth jack.

  3. Richard Nixon ~ I want to say this to the television audience. I made my mistakes, but in all of my years of public life, I have never profited, never profited from public service. I have earned every cent. And in all of my years of public life, I have never obstructed justice. And I think, too, that I can say that in my years of public life, that I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook.

    Well, I’m not a crook. I’ve earned everything I’ve got.

    • It’s worth remembering that it was Nixon’s own party that forced him to face impeachment and led to his resignation. I don’t know if such a thing could happen in this country.

      • Well Paul Martin led the crusade against the sponsorship scandal, and criss crossed Canada to talk against it. He did it thinking that it would clear HIM and the Liberals but it did NOT — in fact, I hold Martin accountable for the Liberals continued misfortunes. And presumably harper has noticed what happens when you admit a problem, so he will NEVER admit anything, because he sees how that paints the whole party.

        • Chretien and Martin both used the ruse of “investigations” as smokescreens. I can’t even remember how many times Chretien “referred a matter to the RCMP” as his way of burying the issue. As you said, Martin named the Gomery Commission but the terms he set were very carefully crafted to go after Chretien and ignore his own teams activities.

          Also, I think people forget that Martin had no choice in naming the Gomery Commission. There was so much public outrage at the time that failure to do so would have led to his losing his first election. He only got his minority on the strength of his “Mad as Hell” tour. It was a strategy to distance himself from Chretien and really, he had no other option. Chretien could stonewall, Harper can stonewall (and how!) but Martin did not have the luxury of stonewalling.

          My original point though, was that the Nixon-Era Republicans could have put party loyalty above integrity and protected Nixon from impeachment but they didn’t, to their credit.

          • So where’s the public outrage today? Have Canadians truly entered a democratic coma?

          • You got me. I’ve been decrying the apathy in this country for more than 20 years. In Canada, accountable government has died with neither a bang, nor a whimper, but instead with a shrug. The vast majority of folks simply don’t pay attention. And the bulk of those who do pay attention are so poisoned with partisanship that they only pay attention to the transgressions of “those other guys.” For most, politics is not about governance, it’s about cheering for their side and vilifying the other.

        • IIRC it DID clear the Liberals and Martin. If you believe facts didn’t come out or you believe they should be (quite rightly) morally accountable, you should make that distinction clear.

          • It depends on how you define “cleared.” The Gomery report makes it clear that the Liberals accepted illegal campaign contributions knowingly, that the Liberal party made extensive use of “volunteers” who were being paid by suppliers to the government and did so knowingly. The Gomery Report makes it clear that it was the PMO, under the direction of Chretien himself, that set up a system rife w/ kickbacks and graft (indeed, it consisted of little else). In the normal course of events, the top men in organized crime – the Organizers – are deemed to be the most culpable. In this case, partly because of the showboating of Justice Gomery – the Liberals got off scot-free in the official record. But their political fortunes since then suggest that they were not “cleared” in the minds of a great many voters.

  4. I love how Del Mastro is Harper’s right hand man, it clears up and any remaining confusion as to what Harper’s personal culture & MO is.

  5. Typical Harper conservative.

    • That’s unfair. Del Mastro stands out for scumminess even amongst the Harper CPC.

      • No. he really doesn’t. Liberals MP’s who looked the other way while the sponsorship program was spinning off graft and illegal campaign donations – and there were certainly many of them – are just as culpable as the people who set up that organized crime. In the same way, CPC MPs, who refuse to take their responsibillty and denounce criminality in their own ranks are equally
        culpable. Harper has shown by his own acts and attitudes that he will protect, and even promote, those who break the election laws. And his backbenchers, the only people who actually have the power to rein him in, have made it clear that they will not use it. So yeah, they are just as scummy as Del Mastro or Sen Findley or Bruce Carson or that greasy private eye who also enjoys the complete confidence of Mr. Harper.

      • Del Assstro gives scum a bad name.

  6. I guess what Del Mastro means when he says that his name will be fully exonerated is that his mentor Harper will change the law so CON MPs are allowed to cheat and steal their way through political life

  7. “I will be fully exonerated”… Translation: I know that the taxpayer-funded Harperite legal machine will lurch into action to suppress any proper enquiry into this matter. Just as they have for the Robocalls case currently brought before the courts by the Council of Canadians.
    The most damning bit in this most recent news item, to me, is how revealing it is of Deano’s rotten character. Let’s throw our relatives under the bus after they try to drum up funds for our campaign. If his cousin has any guts he’ll fess up.

  8. “I think Prime Minister Harper is the greatest leader in the
    industrialized world,” he said. “I`ve always appreciated the trust he
    placed in me.” … oh man, is it ever going to send Del Grafto’s head for a spin when Harper eventually does throw him under the bus. If Del Grafto weren’t such a blustering bully, I might almost feel sorry for him the day it happens.

    • Yes if Deano’s nose gets any browner we won’t be able to recognize him. No matter: All the bootlicking adulations in the world aren’t going to prevent Harper from jetisonning this particular honorable member – not because it’s the right thing to do but ’cause he’s now a liability. AFTER it all gets suppressed.

      • Alternatively he’ll get promoted to minister in charge of Foreign Aid, or the Enivoronment, or some similar massively salaried portolio of zero importance to the Harperions..

    • I think at this point the only reasonable assumption is that Stephen Harper has considered all of the accusations, available evidence and Del Mastro’s service and character and come to the conclusion that this will all blow over.

      The only other possibility is that he has not been able to find a big enough bus yet.

      • The conservative war machine is in wait&see mode until parliament resumes sitting. Del Grafto has undoubtedly been instructed to trim down his summer agenda and reduce his media availability. Unless some startling new allegations or damning new evidence appears, nobody in conservative circles is going to talk about this beyond the standard short soundbite denial. Firing up the FailBus in the middle of summer brings too much unwanted attention.

        If the Del Grafto affair still presents a significant image problem in autumn, he will be hustled out of government and sent someplace where he is completely invisible … not quite the Guergis treatment, but a quieter, gentler, and more deniable version of the Guergis treatment.

      • Well in his defense, there are a lot of bodies under the current one.

      • Third possibility: Del Mastro knows too much so Harper has to protect him.

      • I don’t think Harper can turn on his cabinet. People like Del Asstro, Mackay and Toews know where the proverbial bodies are buried. Who knows, maybe a couple of real ones too.

  9. Wow….really! Give it up Del. The hole is already pretty deep.

  10. I grew up a poor farm kid.

    Hmmm, I wonder what process he used to raise said goat. Kept him in the dark…fed him lots of scraps.

    Let me guess. He named him Billy.

    • Those hill billy’s in Deliverance
      grew up poor farm kids too, so what? Wasn’t Willie Pickton some sort of po boy farmer.

  11. So the same people who want to give themselves and their minions access to monitor our private (and legal) computer activity wants to change the rules to provide himself with a “process”? What the hell? What on earth makes these losers think they deserve one set of rules and the rest of us deserve another?

    If you don’t play by the rules, you look guilty – you don’t all of a sudden decide that the system is not fair because it will expose you and then try to change the rules you child. There is no one doing more damage to your reputation than the lousy used car salesman whining about getting caught.

    Why on EARTH would we trust these creeps with any type of power? They are users and abusers.

  12. It is incredible that when the bully gets called out he blubbers instead of the bluster we saw before. He is afraid to talk to Elections Canada because he knows we know he is a crook aka Richard Nixon. He and Oda and others are the reason we really need a recall law in this country. 2015 is too long to wait for them to receive the people’s justice

  13. As Richard Nixon ;said,”It is not a crime if the President does it”

  14. Dean Del Mastro has been a breath of fresh air compared to most politicians. He has always been seen as a reasonable voice in an arena full of opinions, speculation, and so many false accusations. The number of false accusations tossed into the arena makes me take a more cautious route and I am not ready to throw Mr. Del Mastro under the bus.

    • Free oil change and lunch, plus you get the receipts to claim on expenses?

    • “I think Prime Minister Harper is the greatest leader in the
      industrialized world,” he said. “I’ve always appreciated the trust he
      placed in me.” O great leader, please lead us, the blind serfs who desire your guidance. what idiots!!!

      • Prime Minister Harper is the bestest! I heard he’s also a writer, a film director and his very first time trying to play golf got 18 holes-in-one! Wait, maybe I have him confused with someone else . . .

    • You either haven’t been paying attention or you’re being paid to write this crap.

    • One drop of his ample flop sweat can nurture a drought-stricken village for months. If people walked a mile in his shoes, their feet would be baby soft. Columbo never turns back with ‘Just one more thing’ when he’s questioning Dean Del Mastro.

      He truly is he most interesting man in the word.

  15. And the Farmer hauls another load away,and you can tell from the smell it isn’t hay.

  16. Imagine for a minute that it were Bob Rae or Thomas Mulcair who were credibly accused of accepting illegal campaign donations, exceeding spending limits and, not incidentally, defrauding the taxpayers of Canada. Imagine further that Rae or Mulcair (or any other opposition member) was refusing to make a “cautioned” statement to the investigating body but was instead demanding that some unspecified “process” should be invented from the ground up in order to accomodate his version of events. If such a thing were to happen, you would see members of the government setting their own hair on fire and screeching themselves hoarse about the rule of law.

    What do we hear from the CPC when, yet again, it is one of their own caught lying, cheating and stealing? From Mr. Law and Order, Vic Toews? From Justice Minister Rob Nicholson? Not one fu*king peep. Was there ever a less credible group of wh*res and hypocrits and useless humps as those leached onto the corrupt hind parts of Mr. Harper?

    In a functional, credible, honourable parliament, Mr. Del Mastro would be answering to Parliament and to his own party as well. The fact that they are all willing to stand behind him – be they rats or merely mice – is their discreditable conduct. I won’t say “shame on them” because they obviously have had any sense of shame bribed or beaten out of them along with any vestige of the gag reflex.

    • I’m having a very tough time imagining Elections Canada investigating anybody who’s not a Conservative. It’s pretty clear they feel their mandate is to attack and smear one party, and one party only.

        • Oh ya, right. I forgot that story was leaked to their political enemies and received weeks of heavy media coverage…. oh wait, that’s right… that only happens to the Conservatives also! It’s clear to any observer that EC is a heavily biased organization.

          • Have you ever thought that the reasons so many Harper Reform folk are being investigated is because they are the biggest group of folk bilking the system at the moment?
            I’ve no doubt that should another party exhibit such institutionalised and endemic corruption on a such a scale that they might too be investigated. It happened to the Liberals with Adscam and Mulroney too.
            But the biggest bugbear is that this is exactly the kind of corruption and lack of transparency that Harper specifically promised he would fix. While I expect graft from most of our politicians, if you insist that you will be different then I will hold you to that higher standard.
            Maybe I’m just different.

          • Okay, right. No reason to wait until charges are actually filed to convict a guy in the court of public opinion. This so-called offence happened 4 years ago, and EC hasn’t been able to find enough evidence to file charges? Seems more like an airing of grievances than any kind of actual case of wrong doing.

          • What’s the standard rate for comment shilling these days Rick? Is it an hourly thing or do you get paid by the post? Are your responsibilities restricted to just cruising the internet, or do you have to run around making photocopies, pick up dry cleaning, and perform general foot massages duties within the PMO?

            Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Why don’t you tell me? You’re the one who has nothing of substance to say…

          • Nothing says “conservative operative” quite like the old I-Know-You-Are-But-What-Am-I retort.

            Thank you for proving my point.

          • Said he’d povide evidence to exonerate himself, now he says no.
            Claims their is no process, there is; but as it involves being cautioned he won’t take part in it.
            Actual copies of actual cheques, crickets
            It’s a little more than public opinion and he has not helped his case by promising one thing before reversing it.
            If someone is dancing like mad, is it unreasonable to deducee that somewhere there is a tune being played, even if it’s only in their own head?

          • He said one thing, his lawyer probably advised him otherwise afterwards. If he doesn’t want to issue a cautioned statement, that’s his right. EC obviously doesn’t have nearly enough evidence to even lay charges, so giving them a cautioned statement would simply give them ammunition, no matter what he said. I have “actual copies of actual cheques” from my employer also, that doesn’t implicate him or anybody else in electoral fraud.

            How’s that so-called “Robo calls scandal” going for ya’ll? *Crickets*

          • The words “chicken,” “keep” and “plucking” come to mind.
            So given the level of evidence you require to deal with DDM, I take it you’ll be petitioning Il douche Harper to repatriate Khadr asap; either that or waterboard the corpulent one from Peterborough to ascertain the truth??????

          • Yea but the witness’s just came forward a few weeks ago, I guess in your mind if you don’t get caught for four years you’re home free? Regardless it only speaks to how weak EC is in enforcing the election act since Harper came to power,

          • What witness came forward? There’s been an anonymous accuser, who has conveniently been shielded by the EC and the media. Funny how that right to face your accuser isn’t relevant here at all suddenly. I know, I know… rights don’t apply to Conservatives.

          • That’s still more than Del Asstro has provided to clear his name. Most of Del Asstro’s problems are about paper work. If Del Asstro was as innocent as he claims, he could have his lawyer present, while he clears his name with EC.

          • An informant or whistle blower is not necessarily a “witness.” EC is still investigating and is seeking documens such as financial records and bank statement before deciding whether to proceed with charges. Where there are no records (usually deliberately in planned fraud schemes) EC will ideally want to get several independent statements from people who can confirm that certain events did take place. All of which makes it puzzling that Del Maestro isn’t rushing to provide the evidence he claims will prove his innocence.
            Finally, in tax cases the accuser is Canada Revenue Agency. The right to face your accuser applies in a courtroom, not the court of public opinion.

          • I often ask myself, “What kind of moron actually believes, and repeats, the CPC’s paranoid talking points.” Thanks for answering the question, Fake Rick.

          • I’m not repeating any talking points, that’d be you. See your original post. Oh ya, and you might not want to call people “losers” when theyvre beaten the tar out of your team 4 elections in a row…. just saying.

          • I don’t have a team, Fake Rick. And you’re a loser no matter which team you cheer for…

          • Oh right, you’re such a non-partisan. Give me a break.

          • If I’m such an obvious partisan than it should be easy to say who I support… So?

          • When confronting any criticism of Conservatives or information that reflects negatively on Conservatives, Not-rick considers two possibilities – the first is that there may be some validity to what he is reading, and the second is that it is a fiction created by a member of Liberal-Socialist-Media-ElectionsCanada-Muslim-Academic-MeanGirl-Science-Homo Alliance to advance its agenda.
            The first possibility can immediately be discarded as absurd*, and voila!

            *Occasionally the first possibility might hold true – but in all those instances the Liberals did it too.

          • When confronting any criticism of Conservatives or information that reflects negatively on Conservatives, Not-rick considers two possibilities – the first is that there may be some validity to what he is reading, and the second is that it is a fiction created by a member of Liberal-Socialist-Media-ElectionsCanada-Muslim-Academic-MeanGirl-Science-Homo Alliance to advance its agenda.
            The first possibility can immediately be discarded as absurd*, and voila!

            *Occasionally the first possibility might hold true – but in all those instances the Liberals did it too.

  17. Del Mastro said repeatedly he wants “a process” for dealing with the
    allegations, and that hasn’t come yet. “If (Elections Canada) wants to
    come to Peterborough to interview me, I’d be happy to do so,” he said.
    “I can’t clear my name through a cautioned statement.”

    Sorry, but hasnt elections canada tried to contact him but he and his lawyer have refused because they want all conversation with them to be off the record and unusable in court?

    He says right there that its a cautioned statement. Why cant you “clear your name” with a cautioned statement? Why cant you speak with elections canada without the fear of what you say being used in courts if you did nothing wrong?

  18. If by “I will be fully exonerated” he means he will quietly resign his seat (a la Oda), collect his MP pension and get a cushy appointment to some obscure board or bureau, then, yeah, he will be.

  19. It’s great how the “Tolerant Left” will not tolerate:
    A) Waiting for evidence before summary conviction
    B) Wait for charges to be laid before dolling out the sentence
    C) Believing an individual to be innocent until proven guilty.

    There will be so much disappointment when this faux-scandal turns out to be nothing.

    • Yes! Once Deaner shows his hand, the idiot wheels will quit their ceaseless spinning. We all await the celebratory fireworks upon full exoneration!

    • So you didn’t say a peep about adscam until Gomery’s final report?

      • No, I didn’t.

        • Rick didn’t exist back then,

  20. Too bad this leaves out one of the most telling passages of the Examiner story, where Dean exclaims that he shouldn’t have to be treated like this because, “I’m not just some average guy on the street. I’m a Member of Parliament.” So, yeah, in case you were wondering, he does really think there should be one set of rules for the elite and another for everyone else. “Rule of Law” is a concept lost on this government.

  21. If Dean Del Mastro wanted this issue to go away he should have known better than to blame the media for his woes. And he’s not making any friends at Elections Canada either by blaming them for leaking parts of the file. This, however is standard operating procedure for Cons that are called out for their illegal indiscretions – deny, lie, accuse the accuser, indiscriminately cluster-bomb blame at everyone else. At least, so far, he hasn’t fingered the typical favourite – former Liberal governments.

  22. Let the lefty lynch mob lynch away… evidence? who needs it… certainly not the leftoid media whores. The corruption inherent within EC is awesome! Let’s hope the gangster style operations of EC keep these COns on the defensive, while continuing to ignore the rules for past deadbeat Liberal leadership hopefuls. The longer EC can drag this smear campaign out, the longer lefty media whores can write superficial tripe. Yeah, there’s no evidence against Del Mastro… so what… let’s not take the “fun” out of a good drive by feces smear. Now, where’s my torch and my lynchin rope?

  23. It’s a travesty he has brought shame to his hard working parents name.

  24. Yes Harpo is up there on my scale too, Right up with Assad, Gadaffi, Oriaga. All great men as far as they are concerned. Only thing in their mind is power and money just like Harpo and his fellow comedians. Only Harpo (& Cons.) had to cheat by fixing the elections. Not far different from the Assad (Syria) and Oriaga (Venzuela), & Saddam Hussain to name some “GREAT LEADERS”. What a bunch of horses…t.

  25. I am I missing something in DDM’s statements? Why is he so opposed to the “cautioned” statement? Doesn’t that mean that anything he says can be used in court IF charges are laid? If he hasn’t done anything, why is he refusing to talk to Elections Canada? I am willing to accept that he is not guilty of wrongdoing. He may be able to prove it in the long run. But the long run is also the problem. If this goes on any longer while he continues to obstruct the wheels of justice, he either appears guilty or just incompetent. At the end if he is found innocent, that will be the question. “Why did you let this go on as long as you did when you had the power to end it at any time?”