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‘I would apologize’


Awish Aslam gets a meeting with Mr. Harper (and Mr. Harper’s campaign gets a photo to distribute). She does not, though, get an apology from him.

Aslam took three friends into the meeting with her, including another woman who was kicked out of the April 3 rally. “I feel like now I’m more angry. We didn’t even get an ‘I’m personally sorry for you’,” Aslam said.

Aslam says she has already voted in an advance poll, but wouldn’t say how she’d voted. Pressed by a reporter, she said her complaint Sunday was about Harper as a person rather than as a leader. “I’m not saying [that] I’m not thrilled with his policies and his ideas, but personally, him as a person, honestly, if I kicked you out of my house for no reason, I would apologize,” she said.


‘I would apologize’

  1. Kicking someone out of one's home needs no explanation. removing someone from an ostensibly public rally is quite another thing!

    • Wow – that is so horrible, and relevant – Not.

      • Nothing past 'Leave it to Beaver' is relevant to you.


  2. Self-parody at its highest. Well-played, Mr Harper.

  3. Three short weeks ago, the Liberals were at 30% in the Nanos poll and they were milking the Awish Aslam story for all it was worth (with the enthusiastic assistance of the PPG, of course). They even produced a clever little ad about it.

    At the time, Paul Wells tweeted the following: "I honestly believe they are popping champagne corks over at CPC campaign HQ because the Liberals think Facebook creeping is the big issue."

    Now the Liberals are facing a historic and crushing defeat, having failed to convince Canadians that they are a desirable alternative to Harper, and I can't help but think that Wells was right about stuff like this.

    • of coooooourse you do.

      • Thanks for your value-added comment, Mike.

        • Even if Harper wins, he remains a very small man.

          • Thanks for your opinion.

        • that's mike's forte. NON value added to anything! Typical NDP BS.

    • But it IS / was a big issue, unobservant one, which engendered a political awakening that could very well energize the vote …of the youth. Trouble is (for the LPC), they'll mostly be voting: NDP.

      • I think it's insulting to youth voters to suggest that this story "engendered a political awakening". Youth voters are smart enough to pay attention to politics for real reasons, not just because some symbolic anecdote was flogged by the Liberals and amplified by the media for a few days at the start of the campaign.

        If youth voters support the NDP in large numbers, it won't have anything to do with the Awish Aslam story.

        • I think the evidence [at least anecdotally] is that both you and Wells were partially wrong. It is exactly the sort of thing young folks would talk about on social media and not the sort of reputation you want your party to aquire. Whether the libs should have danced up and down about it is another matter. They should have viewed it as just another comformation of how out of touch Harper's campaign is if he wants to grow his party, laughed about it, made a mocking video and moved on. Oh wait, that's what they did do. Problem is the dippers picked the flowers for them.
          Harper's strategist were as likely thrilled as the libs: WOW! exactly the message we need to telegraph to our base – we don't need the hippy dippy fringe voters anyway; thrilled chet no end. It's exactly why he wont get a majority in a nutshell; unless he's very fortunate in the split votes.

    • To sort of carry over discussion from another comment thread:

      Liberal-supporters and/or Conservative-detractors downvoting or mocking Crit_Reasoning really miss the point. He's helping to spell out, reasonably and articulately, why the Liberals are failing as badly as they are in the polls and why they'll likely be crushed tomorrow. This isn't a partisan comment, it is a helpful observation if you want to understand why your party of choice is going to be relegated to 3rd.

      Does this really deserve derision? Especially in comparison with all of the other crap that's on here?

      • Does this really deserve derision?

        No, but that's par for the course on this blog. Crit_Reasoning deserves a lot of credit for elevating the discussion.

      • Who’s deriding him? I just think he’s not right; at least not entirely.

    • You're right, and Wells was right. ESPECIALLY after it was revealed that Alsam has worked with the NDP!

      This Aslam lady has a lot of nerve. She was provided a personal visit to the PM. I'm pretty sure I'd have a very hard time receiving a personal visit, or most of the millions of other Canadian voters. Not that he feels he's above any of us either, he happens to live in a suburban home like any other regular person, but let's face it, the PM cannot have a personal conversation with every citizen in Canada.

  4. You know, for all the humiliation the Liberals are about to suffer in this election, I think they deserve credit for ulitimately, successfully, making Harper's governing style a ballot question. As Iggy said himself in his rise up speach, this is a bigger issue than the Liberal party…and it was good of him to say that, because it's true. It's just unfortunate for them, that the Liberal brand appears to be too tarnished to get them the credit at the ballot box.

    • A little more decency,a little more respect for process, and Harper would have had a much easier time.

    • Unfortunately, I don't think the Liberals can deliver that message with any credibility. I don't think they are any better, in fact I think they're worse. I don't think for a minute that they provide any civility to parliament, I think they're part of the problem. That is ultimately why I found Coyne's vote choice rather bizarre, but I guess his opinion his different than mine.

  5. Boy, she loves to make herself the story, and the media loves to oblige her. Canadian democracy in action. This is why we need elections every month, damn it! lol

    • Says Mr. free speech.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Excuse me, Dennis? Kindly explain that remark.

          • You're more than welcome to do the same for the first time ever on here.

      • Dennis has a point. If you intend to make a derisive comment like "Says Mr. free speech", that would be a very good time to back it up with an explanation for it, or something. On its own it's just insulting, nothing more. Apparently your insulting tone was not enough to get it deleted, but it certainly was an ad-hominem.

        Are you one of the people calling for more civility in government? If so, that would be rather ironic. As for myself, I'm not one of those people, I think parliament is more or less the same as it's been for decades, the only difference today is that the Conservatives are in charge.

    • Make herself the story? She is the story! The story is about what happened to her.
      I mean sure, it has broader implications; it's a story that says a lot about a guy who'd much rather be dictator than prime minister. She's actually being very polite in not talking about them.

      • Oh, zealots like you eat her up. No doubt about that.

    • The CPC invited her over – you were saying!!

      • and for the second time she then proceeded to go to the media to take a shot at the Conservatives. Again, she seems to love the attention.

        • It is a logical fallacy to base your concusions on a faulty premise or assumption.

          She was invited over presumably to show her that Mr H doesn't eat kittens. She felt he should have gone a little further and apologized. The media asked her some questions. She was angry. She told them…
          What more is there then that? She didn't go looking for the media did she?
          Yet another example of Mr H making needless bad press for himself. What would a sorry have cost him? The guy's a freak.

          • Most people I know:

            a) Would just go home if they didn't get let into an event. She didn't.

            b) Would be grateful for a visit to the PM, and then go home. She didn't.

            Some people have a tendency on here to deem an argument logically false or some other such nonsense simply because they don't like the facts being presented to them. For people who claim to value logic, some of you don't seem to exercise it very well. Just saying.

          • According to the London Free Press, she did just go home, didn't she? Someone else tweeted it, which a journalist caught. Ah yes, here it is at the bottom of the article:

            "Aslam did not initiate contact with The Free Press. A tweet was sent out by another person that was seen by a reporter.

            The Free Press asked the tweeter to pass along a reporter's phone number to the ejected student, and Aslam then called the reporter."

          • all that despite the fact that she is a known NDP plant from years ago.

          • You keep using this word "known". I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • Oh wow, DPT, you're a piece of work. Are you referring to that silly "analysis" of a two year old email header that assumes that a 16 year old girl would have been an NDP insider? Would another explanation have been that another person associated with the NDP simply had the same name?

            Here you go, the actual email and the "analysis". Figure it out for yourself.


          • whatever a$$ hat, she is on a list with NDP cabinet critics, it's not like everyone is on that distribution list. If you think she's not shilling for them you are totally naive

          • Are you seriously trying to claim it was someone else on that list? Aslam admitted it was her (someone asked her). She was an NDP volunteer, according to her (yet she failed to mention that in all her correspondence with the media until that blogger found out).

            Also note that the list consists almost entirely of NDP insiders – MPs and organizers.

  6. Time has expired on her guaranteed 15 minutes of fame, she rode it for all it was worth and in the end her vote was never up for grabs anyway.

    • Exactly the attitude she got kicked out for, and why there a good chance your party will be riding the pine after tomorrow…when it should have been a cakewalk. You guys will never ever learn. It's your way or the highway.' In fact we got 35% of the vote, we don't need you at all. Go pound sand!'

      • So lets recap here, I will ride the pine while pounding sand my way on the highway instead of doing a cakewalk cuz you don't need me and you got 35% of the vote and I will never ever learn, because this little voter didn't get her ass kissed?

        • I take it You like my creative use of mixed metaphors?

    • Who do you think she was going to vote for, Realistic? I've never heard her state a preference.

  7. I doubt this would even had made news if she wasn't a visible minority in a hijab.

    Oh well, I guess Aaron will need all the scandals he can get to take his mind off the beating his Liberals are about to suffer.

    • This guys vote cancels out y'alls.

      vote May 2!

    • So you're saying the Conservative party does racial profiling, and based on her name, did a Facebook search of her, leading to the discovery of the picture that got her removed? Interesting….

      • psst..i think he may be a conservative…just a wild guess on my part.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • In the words of Norma Jennings (of Twin Peaks): I'd rather be his whore than your wife.

    • Right! Just like the giy in the wheel chair didn't make the news! Oh wait! He did! So that would make you a what??


    • an visible minority in a hijab with a history of NDP covert ops.

      • So for you that's, what, three reasons she fails to be an acceptable human being?

        (By the way, you write "an visible", which is incorrect. Did you previously have "an ethnic", and then change the second part without catching the first?)

  8. Is this a big deal for you? Well, i can only assume that Layton's tryst with an oriental sex slave is well out of your league re commenting, or you don't have any problems with the sexual exploitation of oriental women or girls.

    • Go ahead. Put your name to that comment and the address where you can be served with the statement of claim.

      I dare you. I double dare you!

    • And your just a nice guy who happened to find that name lying on the road.

    • Good thing the election is today. Otherwise in a couple of days you would have Layton fathering a squid with an alien.

  9. The good thing is that after tomorrow, all the conbots will be gone, looking for work in this wonderful economy of theirs. Jim Flaherty may be on the job hunt too.

    • If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Don't fall off that unicorn you are riding.

    • Had Harper apologized, some of the media would have found fault with that as well. What a nonsense reporting

      How childish thiswebsite has become…………………………who cares about any of this stuff

      • Right…that's why Harper broadcasted that picture with her. If he had apologized and the media had found fault, just who would be looking like a jerk now? As it is the story only continues because Harper choses not to apologize – what's with that?

  10. This comment was deleted.

    • Your behavior is vile and loathsome. I hope you are like this in real life, so that you experience the social exclusion and shunning you deserve.

  11. The difference between a mature voter and an inmature one is in knowing when the media is milking the silly system for all it's worth,for silly partisan reasons stories like this are brought up.

    And some take this stuff seriously??? Give it all a break. How low is Macleans willing to go to even bother reporting on this stuff……………..Canadian politics mature? Not by the looks of it.

    • Ah…this is low? You ainst seen nothing bud…just don't find yourself a day away from an election with a decent chance of winning and have someone …

      Why bother?

  12. Oh look – an new story. It's by Aaron. It is slamming Harper. Wow – surprise.

    This really isn't a story. She could have said "He didn't apologize, but that is okay", or "He apologized, and that's cool", or anything else under the sun. It wouldn't have mattered what happened, Aaron would have made Harper look bad.

    Did she deserve an apology from Harper personally (the people involved with the event had already apologized)? If he had, would the media still have found a way to make him look bad. Was he thinking about apologizing, but the fact that there were so many people there, he got spooked? Who knows, and more importantly, who cares.

  13. Democracy without civility does not remain democratic for long.

    Be sure to vote today.

  14. She did not advertise her story online, someone else did. What do you expect her to do? Get kicked out of a convention, assume it's normal, and then go home and never think of it again? Of course she complained to someone!

    • True. I guess it was the reporter on twitter that decided to turn the issue into a big thing. And when he did so, somebody somewhere should have gotten both sides of the story, rather than using it as a tool to attack the Conservatives.

  15. Great Job, Mr. Harper

  16. From the CBC of all places: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/inside-politics-b

    Her email found is a list serve with other NDP folk related to the 2008 coalition.

    "Yes, I did volunteer with [the NDP] in the federal campaign," she said. "Did I not tell you that?"

    Also note that in that particular interview, she claimed:

    "I just want to get away from all the craziness," she told CBC News. "And study for my exams, too."

    Yet here we see her obliging to meet with the PM. Seems she did not want to get away from the craziness, after all. Her credibility is lacking.

    Of course, that doesn't stop Wherry from milking the story for another anti-Harper remark: "I would apologize". Don't expect to get the fill story on Wherry's blog, you will only get half, and it will always be the same half.

  17. No problem, you're welcome.