‘I would never use Parliament and reality in the same sentence’


The Prime Minister gave an unannounced speech in Ottawa last night, speaking to a weekend conference organized by the Manning Centre.

One reporter happened to be in the room and David Akin has now posted the audio.

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‘I would never use Parliament and reality in the same sentence’

  1. Harper’s speech is not being well received by conservatives. Some are downright ticked if you can judge by the blogs.

    Interesting to me was that Harper chose to define conservativism as “Freedom, Family and Faith”, thereby giving himself 3 Fs.

    Was it deliberate that he omitted “Fiscally responsible”?

    But it raises the question though. How many Fs do you think Harper deserves? Just 3? 4? One for each cabinet position?

    • I can understand his connection between freedom and family seeing as family is the most numerous possible socially acceptable consumer unit but the focus of MY faith (when I’m on my game) taught that I’m to love not just my family but my neighbour as well. My understanding of love is that it’s rife with obligation.


      another club I don’t belong to.

    • ““Freedom, Family and Faith”

      Although I don’t agree with it, I can understand the desire to relate freedom of choice with the smallest morally acceptable consumer unit currently possible, but if his world view doesn’t extend beyond that to love for one’s neighbour as well I honestly gotta wonder which faith he’s practicing.

  2. What does Harper have against Parliament??? Just because he don’t have a majority and can’t control it, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

    • May I quote a popular, yet largely unknown, source for most of the world’s reality?

      Superiority Complex (

      …a disorder found … in Man as well as in other forms of life. It rises so far above all other disorders however that it should properly be referred to as a superorder. [It] can be a difficult disorder to deal with, but luckily those of us affected by it are generally much better than others would be at managing. Sometimes, these feelings can … cause those affected to act as if they are on a golden pedestal, and everyone else is peasant scum. In many cases this is true, but if anything this makes it all the more irritating for those around … them. Many sufferers simply cannot control their own boasting, and may suffer chronic migraines due to their incredibly swollen heads. And this isn’t a metaphor, their brains are often so big their heads are literally swollen up to fit it all in. [Hence the hairdo]. Poor uplifted souls.

      Signed — as always,

      The Google Guru ©

      • Oops!
        Forgot to credit the geniuses at — uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Superiority_Complex

  3. —-
    Harper’s office declined to provide a copy of his remarks when contacted by Bloomberg.

    All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

    A proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell. The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.

    Thank you Prime Minister.

  4. I listened to that entire tape and I am truly scared of what would happen if Harper and the Conservatives were to win a majority. As in EXTREMELY scared-run-for-the-hills/ the United States kind of scared.

    If only he would deliver such a speech to all Canadians, on a national platform. Then people would see the real Stephen Harper. Crazy right wing nutcase.

    • What talk to us??? That would be beneath him.


    • I would be even more petrified if the “coalition” with Jack and Jilles took power. Harper is a solid middle-of-the-road leader who has teh support of the majority of Canadians.

      • Harper has no idea how to work with others, and only then if it’s always on his terms.

        • So now we have the concept that if everyone can play nice with Johnny they deserve to be Prime Mnister. I happen to believe that the policy substance counts. That’s why Canadians rejected the coalition.

          • Policy substanace does indeed count – so whe are we going to see it from SH? The coalition was rejected for etirely different reasons.

      • middle of *your* road maybe; but 65% of those of us who cast our ballots cannot be wrong.

        btw, 35% of 58.8% works out to about 23% or so of the whole doesn’t it?

        • “but 65% of those of us who cast our ballots cannot be wrong”

          Yes, you can. And not only are you wrong, but you can’t agree on anything. The 65% of you are so divided, you’ve split your votes between 4 parties.

          This percentages argument is so old and baseless that you should stop trotting it out. You don’t stand for anything. You are advocating for any system at all as long as it’s your guy that wins, you don’t believe in democracy and you don’t respect your fellow Canadians.

          • Harper’s support is stagnant and events now conspire against him.

            %65 of Canadians, after two elections where the circumstances were nearly a perfect storm in Harper’s favour, seem to continue to agree he is mediocre and inadequate and should never be presented with a majority government to implement his unattractive and authoritarian view of Canada. A view you seem to share.

            It must be obvious, even to someone like yourself who appears to be a true believer, that Harper has converted virtually no Canadians to his pinched and narrow views? I presume you and Harper are proceeding on the basis of conjuring new Harper voters out of thin air to your cause?

            Otherwise, where will they come from?

          • self irony, if not parody is sf’s speciality!

      • I guess if you call 34% the majority…

  5. You know, Harper is a very sick man. His hatreds are so strong. You can’t govern by hatred. You can’t make good decisions when hatred is so strong.

    I’m embarrassed by him as our PM, truly embarrassed.

    • Have you ever met Mr. Harper? I have and I do not see what you see. He is a man who loves his country.

      • When Prime Minister Harper came to Japan last July he was widely praised by seniot Japanese who met him as a most impressive representative of Canada. I have discussed his visit with very senior people in the Japanese governemnt and they tell me he is one of the most impressive politicains they have seen come form Canada. And I have known several of these politicains/officilas for over 35 years.

        • If Harper loves his country as well as he loves you and Alta Vista Dude why does he deliver an ideologically pure message to y’all in private, after a previous watered down version was given to the general public? Why would Harper’s office decline to provide a copy of his remarks when contacted by legitimate news sources if Harper would love to have Canadians at large understand his vision for the nation?

          I think you mistake your love for Harper and his basking in it by translating that insignificant relationship into something more meaningful between Harper and the entire nation. That Harper would contemplate the serpent-tongued policy of telling one story behind closed doors and another in public then implement such a policy to improve his political fortunes is, I submit, the definition of duplicitous.

          As a nation-lover Harper is either cheating on you Alta Vista Dude, or cheating on the rest of Canada. You are, I suspect, in love with Harper the political philanderer? To avoid a broken heart and tears all ’round I suggest you seek professional guidance and advice.

      • I just don’t see what you do, I see a man who loves himself, and power. As long as he is happy being a minority, which is ironic, since he has a hate for minorities, especially natives, But he does represent the alabama of the north, the funny thing is he looks so out of place in a cowboy hat, I guess he needs a square hat. Or maybe a pointy hat that is suitable for the grand poobah. Keep an eye on the polls, the reformers are sinking fast, so it’s time for harper to bring out the smear ads.

  6. I just hope that the Liberal Party of Canada (and especially Warren Kinsella) have obtained a copy of that video.
    I think they’ll have an idea what to do with it!

    • hoping so too!

  7. I can think of a few f words to describe the cons and they wouldn’t be the same as harpers, Failure would be the first one. Failure to bring the country together, in the 3 yrs in office the reformers have only achieved division. Fascists would be the second word. Fascists and racists. How can one govern when you have a hate for your own “people” I know harper is a racist, he especially has a big hate for the FN people of this nation. And last but not least, he Full of him self. They should show this video to the country. Maybe it will show the country that we are being ruled by a napoleon with a superiority complex.

  8. yup. looks like somebody took the BLUE pill.

  9. http://www.canada.com/business/fp/Spendthrift+consumers+caused+global+recession+Harper/1382932/story.html
    “He said individual freedom is vital but it must be tempered by family and faith.
    In Harper’s mind, faith has less to do with a particular religion and more to do with morals, he said.
    “Faith in all its forms teaches . . . that there is a right and wrong beyond mere opinion or desire. Most importantly, it teaches us that freedom is not an end in itself, that how freedom is exercised matters as much as freedom itself.”

    tsk tsk. very f*u*c*c*i (that’s f[ake] [g]ucci)

    PM Stephen gave this speech on the downlow.

    (shakes head sadly) his own words condemn him…
    in PM Stephen’s mind he needs to win so he’ll say anything it seems…
    []someone ought to tell PM Stephen that morals/ethics are not situational–according to the Christian version of the Hebrew scriptures “consistent” uprightness is what G-d expects from those who claim to be the followers of G-d.
    []family? like the cold way he shook his daughter’s hand when he thought it didn’t matter (revealing his true manner)? i know family; the warmth; the caring; the sense of belonging; the ability to carry that experience with you to other relationships and to translate it into other aspects of everyday life–*that’s* family.
    []faith without works/evidence to back it up is dead; simply referring to “faith” is no guarantee that you are interested in doing good or being righteous; even bad ppl have faith, but not in G-d/Good. “Ritual is the husk of true faith…” Ritual is religion codified and enforced.
    []PM Stephen’s own lame sense of grandiosity, inflated self-opinion and self-serving desires have brought him to this place of disfavour and disgrace.
    []PM Stephen’s version of *freedom* comes across as manipulation, controlling, incarcerating, muzzling, and attacking anyone else’s thoughts or beliefs that disagree with his own leaving no room or opoportunity for discourse or disagreement.
    “When goodness is lost, there is morality.
    When morality is lost, there is ritual.
    Ritual is the husk of true faith…
    When a disciplinarian does something and no one responds,
    He rolls up his sleeves in an attempt to enforce order.”

    –Tao Te Ching, chapter 38.

  10. Harper demonstrates once again why a majority of Canadians wouldn’t and won’t vote for him. This is a PM on life support. He likely will be gone by the end of 2009. But hey, that’ll give him lots more time to give clueless speeches to right-wing think tanks. Much like Bush will be doing this week in Calgary.

    • Friends, Romans, countrymen, send us your shoes.

  11. Great to get a peak at the real thoughts of Stephen Harper. In my mind, it always comes back to what would he do if he had a majority?

    I think Scott Feschuk should write a satirical but true piece with the title: “What I really, really, really think, by Stephen Harper.”

    Suggested topics: Obama, aboriginals, unemployed, single moms, welfare, medicare, EI, the CBC, feminism, Darwin, etc.

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