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Idea alert


Perhaps the most beneficial and most affordable idea ever presented here: an end to political hackery.

If a single move could restore civility to politics, that is it. Get rid of the left-vs.-right commentators who are just out scoring points for their team. This sort of opinion-mongering is not only boring and predictable, it is destructive of the truth. If your only credentials are “GOP shill” or “Democratic hack,” you’ve no business cluttering up the airwaves or the op-ed pages…

Whom do we put in their place? I say replace the pundits with people who have genuine expertise — whether from their academic work, professional life or personal experience — on the key issues of the day. Instead of partisan talking heads or mad hatters from the “tea party” preaching their views on, say, health care and taxes, let’s hear from doctors and insurance professionals, or the number-crunchers from the Congressional Budget Office.


Idea alert

  1. I guess we could talk about my feelings if you really want, but honestly, why are you so focused on the inner emotional life of liberals? If I remember correctly, Donna Brazile suggested not having partisan hacks on tv, including "mad hatters from the Tea Party". How this became an attack on the law-abiding citizen protesters probably explains the process by which "signs at tea party rallies don't exactly scream "calm, respectful policy discussion"" became "accusing the mob of threats, racism and violence"…