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Senator Hugh Segal is proposing a Senate reform referendum.

Conservative Senator Hugh Segal thinks its high time they were. He has introduced a motion in the Senate for a referendum on Senate abolition, status quo or reform twice already and is set to do so again, even as the Harper government introduces its legislation (which he supports). Any such referendum would be advisory, rather than binding, but it would be hard for any provincial leader to ignore the democratic will, if it were expressed strongly enough. “I don’t know why anyone would be afraid to give Canadians a chance to have their say,” he said.


Idea alert

  1. He’s much too much of an independent thinker to be a member of The Harper Senate – he was appointed by Paul Martin after all, at a time when it was viewed as immoral to appoint anyone.  Nowadays, in the highest standard of conservative moral fibre, we get persons who are under suspicion of breaking the Elections Act named to the Senate.

    • Beware of what you say.

      a. The conservative party has now been declared ‘Canada’s Party’ by Dear Terminator.
      b. ‘Canada’s Party’ is mulling over stripping traitors of citizenship.

      The implications are disturbing.

  2. Referendums are a govt’s way of avoiding decisions. The very decisions they were elected to make.

  3. Hey Senator Hugh, how about we hold a referendum on whether people at their level of income should be taxed.

    What’s wrong? Afraid to let Canadians have their say?

  4. Abolition of the Senate – wow – that’s a super bad idea, as is an elected Senate. A Senate is needed in an absolute way. We’ve know this from the inception of Athenian
    democracy. There must be something in place that prevents political
    leaders from passing instantaneous Bills and legislation. The appointing
    of judges and directors deserves equal circumspection. The quality of
    speaking, thought and debate within the Senate is truly worthwhile. We
    shouldn’t complain about the minor cost. It’s nothing compared to
    running foreign wars on a credit card. That the Senate can be stacked
    and used like a common trollop is a separate issue. The people that have
    abused the Senate shouldn’t be in a position to decide what to do with
    it. It was never intended that it be mandatory for Senators to vote along party lines. Perhaps
    we should revisit our intentionality.

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