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Idea alert


Olivia Chow has a introduced a private member’s bill that would make side guards mandatory for large trucks.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to move the cyclists-pedestrian protection act that would help prevent senseless deaths by being pulled under the back wheels of large trucks. The bill calls for the mandatory installation of side guards on trucks. It is a safety measure used in many other nations.

The bill is too late for Jenna Morrison, a pregnant mom who was tragically killed while riding her bicycle in Toronto last week, but it is not too late for the ones she left behind. It is not too late for Lucas, her five-year-old son.

Asked by Ms. Chow during Question Period this week, Steven Fletcher, the Minister of State for Transport, was not entirely dismissive of the proposal.

Edward Keenan notes how long this idea has been discussed without any action.


Idea alert

  1. Yes, the best time to draft legislation is in the heat of the moment in response to an isolated incident. 

    But at least Olivia is thinking of the children.

    • Edward Keenan’s article details the history of the recommendation, going back to a 1998 Ontario Coroner’s recommendation for these guards.

      • God you’d think I could take 2 minutes and read that before yapping away in the comment section eh?

        • Don’t worry, we take turns doing this.

    • This isn’t an isolated incident.  It’s all too common, which is why I always stay behind trucks and busses rather than scooting alongside when I approach an intersection, bike lane or no bike lane.  It’s also why I “take over the lane” at many intersections.  Allowing vehicles that may or may not be turning (because signal lights are often randomly employed) to come up alongside has endangered me in the past, so I don’t let it happen anymore.

      • No, clearly it’s not. I did take the time (6 entire minutes) to read Keenan’s article. Knee-jerk reaction on my part there. I take it back. Seems like an easy fix for a NOT so isolated problem. 

        I guess Olivia reminded me of Dianne Cunningham’s bike helmet crusade in 1995 or the instant renaming of Dorchester Blvd. after Levesque died. 

  2. Why is this even in Parliament?

    Surely somebody could have made an executive decision on this years ago, and saved lives.

    • Ministers of Transport get distracted by gazebo acquisitions.