Idle No More fades behind more traditional headlines

Tease the day: Presidential inaugurals, leadership debates and foreign wars are reporters’ bread and butter.


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Did Idle No More peak? This morning, the biggest headlines and splashiest photos were reserved for U.S. President Barack Obama’s second inauguration (predictably), continuing efforts to fight rebels in Mali (predictably), and yesterday’s federal Liberal leadership debate (predictably, even for the Commons’ third party). The only references to Idle No More had very little to do, directly, with the Idle No More movement. Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence told CTV’s Question Period yesterday that she still won’t eat until the prime minister and governor general agree to a joint meeting. Roger Augustine, commenting on behalf the Assembly of First Nations executive, said Spence is no longer contributing positively to the Aboriginal dialogue with the federal government.

Everything that Idle No More, the AFN, and Spence accomplished to dominate the Canadian news agenda in recent weeks could disappear in a flash. Presidential inaugurals, leadership debates and foreign wars are reporters’ bread and butter. Aboriginal issues are traditionally much more complex, and not so natural. Maintaining any momentum will be a struggle for Aboriginal activists.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with U.S. President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. The National Post also fronts the inaugural. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with the province’s air ambulance service paying a hospital’s top doctor for advisory services that might never have been carried out. The Ottawa Citizen leads with a fast-tracked vote for a new casino in Ottawa that could have allowed for more public consultation. iPolitics fronts a Canadian Press story about the federal government covering costs of CEO’s during a trade mission to China. CBC.ca leads with Obama’s inauguration. National Newswatch showcases CEO expenses in China.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Mercury bulbs. After the feds outlaw standard incandescent light bulbs and they’re trashed by Canadians, municipalities won’t be able to safely store the mercury-lined bulbs. 2. Gadhafi smuggling. A Canadian woman has lived in a Mexican prison since being accused in November 2011 of trying to smuggle members of the Gadhafi family into the country.
3. Veterans’ care. An independent auditor will assess the situation at Canada’s largest veterans facility, which has come under fire for allegations of poor living conditions and neglect. 4. Sex abuse. A former city councillor in Saint John, N.B., Donnie Snook, faces eight charges related to sexual abuse, including possession and making of child pornography

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Idle No More fades behind more traditional headlines

  1. That’s the media’s usual excuse for not doing their job, right? Drop the investigation of a dangerous serious story at home to party at an American function, and also nibble around the edges of another distant imperial war.

    And then to act as though someone else is changing the coverage, and the media is merely watching!

    • The media is doing their job by dropping Chief Spence. What’s left to tell about her story? That she’s unstable at this point? But that would be considered racism, so better to let her be in her own little world.

      • Notice how she covered her three chins in the CTV interview. The woman is on a diet (maybe) and has had her 15 minutes of fame. CTV advertised their interview as a one on one. Well there were three present. Or maybe it was just a figment of my imagination.

        • I just watched the interview in which she says that her clothes are getting big on her. Well, by the looks of the buttons on her sweater, her buttons are anything but loose. Look at that tension holding it all together. Oh, I’m sure she has lost some weight, perhaps 15-20 lbs, but what’s the danger in that? I think it was nothing but healthy to have lost a little weight on her part. This is all becoming such a farce.

  2. I guess things got a little lonely for spence on her island. First she rejects the media, then goes to CTV offering herself up for an interview. When you toss the media out, they will ignore you and move on to newer stories that may have more relavence then the tiring story of spence “dying (dieting?) for her people”. Far too much press was given to her and her INM.

    • I agree. When they are all over the map with their demands nobody is prepared to invest the time to listen. Spence should be home managing here reserve and developing management and financial skills to better serve her people. Demanding a meeting with the PM which has already taken place and she refused to attend is plain silly. The woman does not deserve anymore media attention.

  3. With that sort of rationale one could say Obama faded away and is now back.
    I wonder how long he will dominate the font pages this time?

    Believe it or not things do continue in this world even if they are not on the front page and aboriginals are certainly no strangers to struggle.

    I’m sure we will be hearing from both of them in the future.

  4. Idled Again

  5. This should not have come as a surprise – the problem with any ‘ movment ‘ is that more often than not they sabotage they their own purpose by allowing themselves to fall prey to their own vanity – anyone can get their 15 minutes in fame in the media – the real question is how to translate that into action that has positive consequences. Often movements such as IDLE or OCCUPY or (well the list goes on and on) is that either it is hijacked by other organizations or people who use it for their own agenda which is what IDLE suffers from or it falls under the spell of it’s own leaderships vanity which in part what happened to IDLE or too it fails to translate it’s tendency to simply protest while offering no mechanism for change. Being an ol activist myself (I was one of the volunteer workers in setting up Greenpeace) I have seen this many times – the youth has the energy but not the common sense !!!!!!!!!! – the best way to have real and lasting change is only achieved two ways – revolution or from within that’s it folks there is no other option! If IDLE people really do want to see change and positve effects for their cause they should start joing political parties or setting one up in either event until that happens it is all just noise and in point of fact anything else can be counter productive as their cause willl more often than be hijacked by their own leaders – we are all human esepciallly those who suffer from their own vanity!

  6. Shows over. Spence go home

  7. I’m not sure INM was trying to garner our attention per se.

  8. Take your blinder’s off folks! Idle No More is just beginning. Are you afraid to learn the truth of Canada’s true history? Do you understand what a Treaty is? Or Unceded Land? We’re not asking anybody to leave. If you read up on Idle No More instead of being negative to yourselves all the time, maybe, just maybe, you will learn something about yourself. Media plays a big part in how people want to think on a day to day basis. How we are to feel. What you read is what you believe.

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