If it’s Sunday afternoon


The Prime Minister talks to Canwest.

Look, I can only say this, and I’m not saying to cast judgment on who was right or wrong — but the fact of the matter was that the Iraq war destroyed at least temporarily, or disrupted, NATO’s sense of commonality of purpose in Afghanistan. 


If it’s Sunday afternoon

  1. That’s a strong statement, and I think it is true.

    However, the part where he says “I’m not saying to cast judgment on who was right or wrong”, that part will be ignored by the media.

    Instead, everyone will spend a lot of effort reading into this statement a judgement on who is right or wrong. This is one of those cases where the prime minister’s honesty might cause him problems.

    • Unless he’s changed his mind on his original support for the Iraq war, it’s pretty clear he IS casting judgment.

      Although I suppose it could be an indirect way of saying “oops”. He does seem to have difficulty admitting his errors.

      • Funny enough, despite his original support for the war, I thought it would be interpreted as a shot at the US in Iraq, which seems to be Kady’s take since she notes he said nothing about this to Fox.

        I really believe he is just making an observation, the observation that support in Afghanistan is fractured and he is pointing out a primary reason.

        • That may be true, but I suspect if he had said it on Fox, there probably would have been a followup question to that effect.

  2. Hallelujah! This may be the first time I’ve ever agreed with my Prime Minister (at least this version).

    Only I do want to place blame, and I want to place it squarely on Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney. I think it’s not a coincidence that when the insurgency was winning in Iraq, those techniques soon moved over to Afghanistan as well. Completely different country, completely different set of circumstances, I get that, but when they saw homemade roadside bombs worked in Iraq, they tried it out in Afghanistan (where they hadn’t used them, or at least there wasn’t much media coverage of these things before). Add to that the fact that the Americans all but buggered off, and you have the Afghanistan mess of today.

    Yes, yes, America has a big army and a lot of money to spend on bombs and such. Yes, absolutely there are times when you must fight on more than one front. But for God’s sake, don’t CHOOSE to start a fight when you haven’t finished the fight you started last week! Is this rocket science or am I just brilliant?

    • To answer your question: a little bit of both, I think.

      • Heh, well I’ve got somebody at least a little bit fooled. :) Thanks!

    • I guess your just brilliant except that the US does not have “a lot of money to spend on bombs and such”. The US is broke with a debt of $12,000,000,000,000 and growing rapidly. If and when they go down we will go down with them. Say your prayers.

      • Very true. I should have used *had* instead of *has* and even then used it tongue in cheek. And while, at the time, the U.S. debt was building at an alarmingly fast pace, there were shiny new bombs to be had! Fancy ones, that could blow people and things to bits in interesting new ways!

        Since I’m fully aware that if and when they go down, we go too, that’s another reason for my anger. Add the economic crisis on top of that (this I blame squarely on Congress–and the greedy brokers, bankers, et al) and I’m not terribly happy with the former U.S. leadership.

        On the bright side, Harper doesn’t look quite so bad in comparison. I try not to remember he just got lucky.

  3. Re:

    “…and I’m not saying to cast judgment on who was right or wrong.”

    Psst. Prime Minister Harper? Weren’t you one of those people who was wrong about Iraq? Funny how easy you forgot that minor point.

    • Which is precisely why he’s not going to cast judgement.

  4. Well it’s an easy judgment to make, Mr. Prime Minister. The people favouring an invasion were wrong. They didn’t just turn out to be incorrect later, they were wrong at the time. You were amongst them.

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