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If Question Period had occurred this afternoon

Thomas Mulcair continues to tweet his questions


In an alternate universe, the House is in session and Question Period occurred this afternoon and Thomas Mulcair stood shortly after 2:15pm and presented the Prime Minister with the following questions about a report that Mike Duffy was at Prime Minister’s Office for a meeting on February 11.

Le @premierministre peut-il nous dire ce que M. Duffy faisait dans son bureau le 11 février?

Pourquoi le bureau du @premierministre refuse de dire qui d’autre a assisté à la réunion du 11 février?

.@pmharper claimed no one in PMO except Wright knew about deal. So who was Duffy mtg at the PMO on Feb 11?

Can @pmharper tell us when he first became aware of the February 11th meeting in his office?

When will @pmharper release all documents related to February 11 meeting with Mike Duffy at the PMO?


If Question Period had occurred this afternoon

  1. It’s nice to see that Aaron’s blog has now become an official outlet of the NDP communications department.

    • What – he’s not a shill for the Liberals? I’m cancelling my subscription.

  2. Most people are happy there’s no QP….in fact they’d be even happier if we never had one again.

  3. God I’m getting sick of people who think anybody with a brain actually pays attention to Twitter. It’s high school kids and lazy self-involved journalists. That’s it.

    • You’ll be getting a word from Mr Wells and Mr Coyne shortly. The fact you wouldn’t pay it any mind and simply write it off doesn’t surprise me in the least.

      • He needed to report in on his extensive research.

    • Are you suggesting Tony Clement is without a brain?

      • I’ve had my suspicions that he doesn’t.

        • Tony not having a brain, that is.

          • Tony is self-involved enough to completely compensate for his neural deficiencies.